Why You Should Have Onsite Hardware Support at Your Next Event

April 27, 2023

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Event support shouldn’t end when your event begins. Event technology partners strive to make every big day successful by assisting with planning, managed services, training, and support during the event. One essential component to success, specifically for live and hybrid events, is onsite tech support. Having reliable technical support present on the day of your event is very valuable. It reduces the risk of unplanned problems and helps elevate the experience for attendees as well as hosts, guest speakers, partners, and sponsors. With seamless execution, planners don’t have to worry about printing glitches, excessive downtime, missing cords, incompatible components, mobile application or device problems, or audio and visual failures.

Because there are so many new methods to consider, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here, we’ll answer some critical questions around onsite support so you better understand what it is, what benefits onsite support can provide, what types of support services are available, and how these solutions can enhance the attendee experience.

What is onsite hardware support?

Onsite hardware support involves having trained specialists present at an event to assess, troubleshoot, and resolve any onsite technology issues that may arise. Onsite support should be on standby throughout the event to facilitate and fix problems for technical activities such as check-in, badge printing, presentations, recording, and much more.

Despite best intentions and near-perfect planning, tech issues can and do arise. And they can cause significant interruptions to your event flow. Onsite event hardware support provides an invaluable service to events of all types and sizes to keep your timeline moving on scheduled with minimal disruption.

What are the benefits of partnering with an onsite provider?

There are several benefits to having an onsite tech provider. Live and hybrid events have so many moving parts with many functions that need to integrate and happen simultaneously. An undoubtedly significant portion of the event equation is related to or reliant upon technology. So, it makes sense to have a dedicated professional managing all technical details.

Partnering with an onsite provider ensures each piece of hardware is properly configured, safely secured, functioning correctly, and tested before the event begins. Often, the tech team can assist presenters with a practice run to not only make sure everything works correctly, but also that presenters are comfortable using necessary equipment. If any problems do arise, the onsite tech team can coordinate, troubleshoot, and quickly resolve the issue.

While many people are familiar with certain types of event equipment, onsite hardware providers are the experts. Another benefit to having them at your event is the familiarity they have with specific and specialized hardware. With this knowledge, they can quickly and effectively troubleshoot and fix issues. This minimizes downtime and allows the event to stay on schedule. They also have the expertise to handle complex equipment which otherwise may be difficult and costly to repair if issues are not properly diagnosed or caught in time. This makes onsite support a cost-efficient solution.

Another benefit to having onsite event support is peace of mind. Event planners, partners, sponsors, attendees, and even the venue staff, can feel at ease knowing there is dedicated support available throughout the event. This is especially helpful for those who may not be familiar or comfortable with some of the technical equipment or processes. Knowing there is someone who can answer questions and offer support when needed is very reassuring.

What are the reliable onsite event hardware support services?

Special onsite services include installation, configuration, safety, upkeep, troubleshooting, repair and replacement of critical onsite event technology, equipment, and components used during all stages of an event. This includes printers, scanners, barcode scanners, RFID readers, kiosks, laptops, computers, tablets, mobile devices, screens, projectors, video recorders, wi-fi routers, access points, speakers, teleprompters, microphones, sound systems, earpieces, lights, LED and LCD displays, interactive displays, digital signage, interactive maps, touchscreens, charging stations, ports, power strips, adapter cords, and more. That is a lot of tech stuff to maintain, isn’t it? It makes sense to have professionals in charge of such an expansive and essential event component!

The onsite support services are typically available throughout the event, from setup through breakdown. The duration of this service is helpful because, as everyone knows (and dreads), that piece of equipment you tested and retested, may decide to malfunction right when the presentation begins. Problems arise, sometimes at the most inopportune times, no matter how prepared you think you are. The onsite tech’s round-the clock service alleviates the stress from an untimely glitch, helping to reduce downtime and improve attendee experience, which ultimately impacts your event’s success.

Onsite event hardware technicians also maintain and upgrade equipment on a regular basis. This improves the equipment’s efficiency and performance. Ensuring equipment can withstand optimal and maximum use during an event helps reduce the risk of unexpected equipment failure. This preparation and maintenance can avoid costly repairs and provides added protection during your event.

How can onsite event hardware solutions enhance the attendee experience?

After years of heavily leaning into digital innovation in the event space, most attendees and stakeholders set the bar high when it comes to their expectations for tech interaction. Therefore, no detail – wired or wireless – should be overlooked. This includes everything from onsite event registration services and badging to session presentations and access support.

Having an onsite tech partner provide support for the duration of the event elevates the attendee experience and delivers event customer satisfaction. With professionals overseeing complex technological details, attendees who encounter tech challenges receive immediate assistance. Imagine having trouble printing your badge upon arrival or not being able to swipe on the interactive event map? Feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and dissatisfaction will likely stick with you and influence the rest of your event experience. But if you encounter those same problems and an onsite tech pro is there to guide you and resolve the issues right away, your outlook as an attendee will be much brighter.

Additionally, the rapid response an onsite tech partner provides to fix a problem on the presenter and host side of things, is critical for attendee satisfaction. No attendee wants to stare at a blank screen when there is a projector problem, or hear the screech of a faulty microphone, or sit through the awkward silence when a speaker malfunctions. The downtime is disruptive and can derail a carefully planned timeline. Flustering the speaker and annoying the attendee does not add up for a positive experience. And while we know unexpected challenges can be part of any event, when attendees invest time and money to be there, they expect better. Onsite event hardware support can go a long way to mitigate the risk of a bad experience, ensuring all tech components properly function and are remedied quickly if and when needed.

Wrap Up

You’re an event expert, but even the most seasoned event professionals need assistance, especially when it comes to something as fickle and finnicky as technology. An onsite event partner can provide critical hardware and technical support to power up registration, ensure a smooth check-in, and elevate the overall in-person and hybrid event experience. As an extension of your planning team, these professionals ensure everything on your live event checklist is accounted for and completed.

Onsite event hardware support offers many benefits including:

  • There is dedicated tech management so planners can focus on other details.
  • Proper equipment setup, function, and testing is taken care of.
  • Tech support ensures people are comfortable using equipment.
  • Troubleshooting and quick resolutions are available when the need arises.
  • Experts have knowledge and familiarity with specific and specialized equipment.
  • Capable professionals offer support when needed which allows peace of mind.

Onsite event hardware support offers many services including:

  • Installation, configuration, safety, troubleshooting, repair, and replacement of all critical hardware equipment used during the event.
  • Support is available throughout the entire event.
  • Routine equipment maintenance avoids costly repairs and improves efficiency and performance.

Onsite event hardware support can improve attendee experience because:

  • Attendees can get immediate support, avoiding frustration.
  • If attendees have technical questions, they can receive timely answers and guidance from dedicated professionals.
  • Attendees can experience seamless presentations, exhibits, displays, and other tech touch points throughout the event.

The importance of onsite event hardware support for events cannot be overstated. By minimizing downtime, ensuring reliability, handling complex equipment, saving time and reducing costs, and improving security, onsite event hardware support can help ensure a successful and stress-free event experience. Technical issues can be frustrating for attendees. If something doesn’t go right, the negative experience will be remembered by all. With onsite event hardware support, organizers have assurance that their hardware is functioning correctly, event activities can stay on track, and attendees are supported throughout the event for maximized satisfaction. Stova is committed to providing a dedicated, professional onsite service whenever and wherever you need it. Request a demo to see how it works.

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