Elevate the Attendee Experience with Stova Mobile

Engage and delight your attendees with an intuitive mobile event app your audience will love.  Extend the attendee experience by giving them information, networking, navigation, and engagement tools at their fingertips.

Stova's mobile app capabilities

Engage Attendees with an Unforgettable Mobile Experience


Inform Audiences

Your event app is the information hub for your event with all essential details, connecting both virtual and on-site attendees. Real-time notifications inform attendees of any important changes.


Promote Engagement

Increase attendee activity before, during, and after the event. Offer live polling, session rating, voting, and survey features to get real-time audience feedback. Easily connect your virtual and on-site audiences.


Notify Attendees

Create a safe on-site environment using the app as your digital badge, providing, attendees contactless access to the show floor. Provide on-site guidance to attendees and keep track of attendee movement.


Increase ROI

Understand your attendee journey in greater detail with user-level insights. Share app usage reporting with sponsors to see the ROI of their investment. Allow attendees to see whom they made connections with.

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Streamline the Attendee Journey

The heart of your event is in the palm of your hand with Stova's mobile event applications. With a mobile app, in-person and virtual attendees are given a customizable, personal, and engaging tool to connect and learn during your event, no matter the format.

Personalize Attendee Agendas

Empower attendees to create their own agenda variations with tracks, dates, and categories for a custom event experience.

Deliver Bespoke Registration

Enable the app for contactless on-site check-in to help attendees easily access the event site. Utilize the app as your attendees' digital badge complete with their registration details and QR codes for expedited check-in and scanning.

Provide Navigation Assistance

Seamlessly display static or interactive maps of exhibitor floors and meeting rooms to connect locations to sessions for multiple ways to access the venue information. Provide tips to navigate the locations and points of interest location.

Increase ROI for Sponsors & Exhibitors

Content portals, lead retrieval, and in-app advertising offer sponsors & exhibitors the ability to increase their ROI easily by leveraging the event app.

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Foster community building V2

Foster Community Building for Hybrid Audiences

Your attendees have never felt closer with a mobile event app built to engage, excite, and connect.

Enhance Attendee Engagement

In-app messaging, peer-to-peer videos, and group chats give your attendees the chance connect through multiple touchpoints throughout the app.

Power Networking with AI

AI matches your attendees based on their titles, affiliations, or other interests to build networking opportunities like meetups, mutual content, and sessions.

Schedule Meetings & Appointments

Attendees can set up and manage live appointments with exhibitors, or other meeting attendees, before or during the event.

Build Community

Empower your exclusive community, allowing attendees to post comments and photos to an in-app conversation wall.

Take Gamification to the Next Level

Gamify your event to encourage specific attendee behaviors that will help you meet your event goals.

Notify Attendees in Real-Time

Push notifications can be sent to an individual, a group, or the entire attendee roster.

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Generate Revenue Opportunities with Sponsors

Discover what content resonates with your audience with intelligent insights given in real-time. Generate leads and put your attendees and exhibitors in the driver's seat with lead matchmaking and scheduling options.

Brand the Application Your Way

Monetize your app by selling banner ads and splash screens to sponsors, or even allow sponsorship of the entire app.

Drive Traffic to Sponsors

Sell push notifications to drive traffic to a specific area, booth, or session during your event.

Offer Premium Listings

Place your sponsors and exhibitors up front and center within your exhibitor or attendee list in the app.

Enable Event-type Sponsorship Options

Allow for sponsors to purchase event-type specific advertising spacefor the virtual, on-site, or hybrid-related areas of your app.

Discover a custom app V2
Drive Revenue with Lead Retrieval

Drive Revenue with Lead Retrieval on Any Device

Stova's bespoke lead retrieval solutions integrate seamlessly with your current event technology stack and with Stova's event ecosystem including the mobile event app.

Capture Qualified Leads

Forego paper business cards and provide contactless lead capture. Scan digital badges and collect contact details within seconds.

Discover Solutions that Fit Every Budget

Choose from three integrated lead retrieval solutions depending on price point, number of events per year, and level of onsite support.

Utilize Multiple Devices

Options include using your own iOS or Android devices or renting devices from us onsite. Scan leads using NFC, Bluetooth, UHF, QR codes, or business card capture.

Analyze your Results

Harness Data to Measure Event Success

Powerful data means successful events. Increase event insights with in-depth tools that track and measure attendee behaviors before the event even starts.

Enhance Reporting

Gauge event performance with advanced reporting across your portfolio and make better-informed decisions with real-time dashboards.

Create Custom Dashboards

Create custom reports that highlight key information for your internal stakeholders.

Integrate with your Marketing Stack

Gain valuable insights by integrating data from Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and many more.

Analyze your Results

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