Educate Audiences & Build Brand Loyalty

Deliver epic event experiences with Stova's end-to-end event management and technology enabled solutions.

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Develop Brand Initiatives that Inform & Inspire


Strategize with Data

Customizable meeting request & approval workflows provide visibility into meeting activity and approval controls. Real-time insights help to identify risks and make corrections before it’s too late.


Generate Qualified Leads

Forget about siloed event and marketing data. Leverage registration and marketing tools to effectively promote your event to the right segments and attract more qualified leads.


Prove Meeting Value

Get complete insight into the performance of your field marketing activities. Giving you the data you need to prove the value of your event to all stakeholders with confidence.


Elevate Your Brand Through Events

Stova's end-to-end event management solutions simplify the event planning process by building solutions specific to your event goals, no matter the size or format.

Inspire Audiences

Deliver a secure and mobile-responsive event registration experience that fully aligns with your brand identity. Promote events to the right attendee with beautifully branded registration websites, and share effortlessly, globally.

Engage with Brand Communities

Promote your virtual, hybrid, and onsite events by leveraging website builders and email marketing tools.

Excite Attendees

Excite your brand community with shareable assets and networking rooms, and a mobile and virtual-ready platform built with engagement tools.

Analyze Event Data

Take the results from your events and use the data to enhance, upgrade, or reinforce event sessions. Clone websites and email templates to automate your workflows and reduce manual workarounds.


Build Consumer Relationships

Build brand loyalty and customer relationships with Stova's end-to-end event management software, that simplifies the promotion and application of your events and integrates seamlessly into your event ecosystem.

Promote Products Effortlessly

Deliver information about your brand and products in a format that resonates with your audience. Choose from live, simu-live, pre-recorded, and on-demand content to move your attendees.

Upgrade Product Demos to Epic

Exceed expectations and wow your audience with bespoke exhibitor and sponsor booths. Put the power in the attendees' hands to ask questions, complete polls, and chat one-on-one with relevant organizations.

Gain Visibility into Attendee Behaviors

Find out what aspects of your events and sessions your audience is interacting with. Use these insights to determine where your event can improve, so demand generation can create a more personalized experience.

Uncover the Value of Your Events

Improve Marketing & Sales Performance

Reduce manual work, such as importing and exporting spreadsheets, by directly pushing event data into your CRM and marketing automation databases, such as Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot.

Grow Sales Initiatives

Understand which event themes, session topics, sponsors, speakers, and more had the greatest impact on your attendee’s experience and kept the audience talking.

Utilize Data at Your Fingertips

Use high-intent offline data to segment, optimize and personalize your organization's digital content streams and sales messaging.

Improve ROI

Learn which of your initiatives are earning you revenue and where you can further cut down on expenses to help better drive ROI. Your field marketing initiatives perform better when you have all the necessary KPIs.