Create Events that Inspire Internal Teams

Stova’s bespoke event management solutions provide the tools you need to inform, engage, educate, and excite your internal teams, both onsite and virtual.

Dedicated Project Managers

Centralize Meeting Data Across Your Organization


Identify Teams Data

Identify where your internal teams dwell during events, customize your reporting data, and ensure a personalized experience that excites and informs internal teams.


Increase Savings

Manage the entire event planning process from one dashboard, with powerful tools for procurement, big management, negotiations, communications, reporting, and booking.


Gain Insights

Gain valuable insights into financial information across your portfolio to stay on track of all internal meetings and events, globally. Make accurate forecasts and control budgets easily.


Engage Your Community

From simple to complex, deliver a mobile-responsive registration system that fully aligns with your organization’s brand.

Create Custom Workflows

Ensure your teams have all the information they need, every meeting.

Contact Managed Services

Your personal managed services account representative is available 24/7, if any issues arise onsite or virtually.

Personalize the Journey

Build a personal attendee journey from your HR representatives to your sales teams.

Set VIPs

Give your executives teams the VIP treatment with luxury hotel reservations during registration.

Enhance the Onsite Environment

Deliver Epic Onsite Solutions with Mobile Capabilities

Create a customizable mobile event app to push information to attendees before, during & post event, including floor plans, directions, attendee networking, and more.

Streamline Registration

Seamlessly integrate your registration with a robust mobile application that flows directly into Stova's virtual event platform.

Bridge Attendee Gaps

Bridge the gap between virtual and onsite attendees with engagement tools, such as social feeds, gamification, and attendee matchmaking.

Automate Data Flow

Upload important documents to your mobile application and virtual event platform, like presentations, worksheets, and company culture documents to keep your teams in the know.

Enhance the Onsite Environment
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Promote Your Company's Objectives

Run effective email marketing campaigns to promote your company’s objectives, training events, and more.

Build Custom Websites

Deliver fully branded event websites with smart email reminders for your events. Simplify the event email marketing workflows.

Personalize Agenda Tools

Enhance your organization's user experience with sophisticated agenda tools and profile building.

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Gather Reporting for Internal Trainings & Certifications

Better understand your employees’ habits with advanced reporting. Access valuable data to personalize your team’s experience, and build a better event later on.

Generate Custom Reports

Learn the totals for event sessions and dwell time, and discover where your employees spent their time during the event.

Drill Down Data

Get specific with your team data down to viewership, internal role, downloads, and more, viewable all on one easy to use dashboard.

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Ready to learn more?

Whether your event is virtual, hybrid, or in-person, enhance your attendee’s journey with an event ecosystem built for your audience. Ready to walk through Stova's event technology solutions? Schedule some time with us today.