Onsite Tech: How Stova’s Safe Tech and Mobile App Work for You (And What to Do When Events Change)

August 5, 2021

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Streamline your onsite events with the tech that works for you, backed by an award-winning partner who knows the importance of staying flexible in a changing environment. Stova’s mobile app and onsite safe technology provide safety and security for your attendees within a powerful, proven platform.

The tech you use when hosting events matters for onsite, hybrid, and virtual audiences. It matters even more when you need to keep safety measures and extenuating circumstances in mind. Let’s take a look at the onsite event technology that keeps attendees connected, no matter where they are tuning in from.

Mobile App

From on-site registration and badge printing to personalized agendas and AI-powered networking – offer your attendees an in-person experience beyond expectation with an event mobile app.

  • Robust Attendee Profiles: Fully customizable profiles for your attendees to manage their information, settings, and privacy.
  • QR Code Technology: Unique QR codes offer attendees streamlined check-in opportunities, as well as easy networking. No more bulky business cards at onsite events! Attendees simply scan each other’s QR codes and automatically connect within the mobile app. Exchange details, chat throughout the event, and follow up post-event for business opportunities.
  • Networking & Direct Messaging: Even if your attendees don’t scan someone’s QR code, they can still send direct messages to like-minded professionals attending the event. Attendees are matched using AI-technology based on a simple form during their profile creation, matching titles, affiliations, and interests.
  • Exhibitor Matchmaking: Using the same tech as attendee-to-attendee matchmaking, attendees can connect with sponsors and exhibitors that fit their expressed needs and concerns. Exhibitor/Sponsorship matchmaking builds onto the robust lead-retrieval functions within the mobile app.
  • Live Polling: Launch live polls for deeper insights into your audience’s thoughts and actions in-app, and in real-time.
  • Gamification: Help your event attendees retain information, while having a little fun, with gamification. Attendees can earn points by posting on social walls, upvote questions within the app, answer polls, check into sessions, as well as scan their QR code at sponsorship booths onsite!
  • SmartFeed: Answer questions before attendees have a chance to ask with SmartFeed. SmartFeed understands and anticipates attendee tendencies, offering information when and where attendees need it.

Onsite Kiosk Registration

Create an automated, touch-free arrival experience at your next event with self-check-in kiosks.

  • Expedited check-in: With Fast Pass technology, speed up arrival and check-in to reduce wait times and excess lines. Using the mobile app, attendees can scan their unique QR code at your onsite kiosk and pick up their badge immediately.
  • Touch-free check-in: Using a QR code or RFID technology, your attendees will have the opportunity to select their specific registration times in order to avoid bottlenecks, ensure safety protocols, and give attendees the peace of mind they need to have a seamless onsite event experience.
  • Facial Recognition Kiosks: Built with security and safety in mind, facial recognition kiosks modernize your event attendee experience by automatically printing badges and tagging photos on the event app. Attendees can also untag themselves in photos they don’t like!

Flexible Tech for All

Onsite needs are crucial and cannot be overlooked, but what happens when your onsite event (whether live or hybrid) needs to pivot to a fully virtual event? Your technology partner should be able to support your needs when necessary – this includes having a contingency plan in place for when extenuating circumstances arise. Stova has your back, as a full-service provider that has plan A, B, C, all the way through Z, covered.

If for any reason the live portion of your hybrid event can no longer happen onsite, the event tech partner you choose will be an integral part of your pivot to virtual. At Stova, our award-winning virtual event platform has the capability to host your event and include every aspect you enjoy about the mobile app, from AI-powered matchmaking to gamification and lead retrieval.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to host an event onsite that might put you or your attendees at risk just because your chosen event tech partner cannot adjust with the changing environment. Stova can help, let us show you how we keep our clients goals in mind for every single event.

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