The Pros and Cons of End-to-End Event Management Software

February 8, 2022

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Event management software has been changing over the last decade, with astronomical advancements in the last several years. What you once wanted in software might be obsolete at this point, or, has become much more advanced. How do you cut through the noise and tell the difference between the two?

Here are a few pros and one, major con you can take with you as you begin planning for your event tech stack.


1. Integrating? Easy!

This is what an end-to-end event tech software is built for – either providing the tech you need, built-in or being built to allow for more integrations from partners (and how to use them). From registration to post-event follow-up, you only have to use one platform and partner with their team to help you along the way.

Why is this important? It streamlines the event process. Instead of plugging in an array of third-party integrations or partners, you (generally) only speak with your point of contact for the event. With Stova, we take customer service to the next level and help you every step of the way.

2. Customization is King

Mix and match, pick the right options you want for your event and build ROI based on the options your event needs. Build a custom platform with the tools and tech that you want in one place with in-house experts or know that your end-to-end management software team can accommodate third-party integrations with ease. Cut down on the drawn-out email chains and chat boxes just to get help from a third-party integration partner on your own. End-to-end management systems can typically help get your event up and running quickly if there’s ever an issue because they’ve done it before.

3. Artificial intelligence + machine learning, optimized

While you can find AI and machine learning in a separate event technology stack, using end-to-end software comes with larger capabilities to learn your attendees creates an environment tailored directly to your attendee. Machine learning and optimized artificial intelligence bring your audience together, alert them on sessions they may have missed, and ensure the content your audience receives is something they actually want to know about!

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An end-to-end solution doesn’t work for everyone.

If you have a small event, using end-to-end event management software might actually be a waste of resources. If you only need registration with networking rooms, chat rooms, and video options, then considering a best-of-service platform would work better for you! Best-of-service, or best-of-breed/best-of-point, software solutions specialize in specific tasks instead of end-to-end which encompasses the entire gamut of event technology.

End-to-end might not fit your budget, either. It’s important to consider the event goals, your intended audience, how many attendees your event will have, and your event budget. Sometimes it’s worth it to put a little bit more money and resources into your event tech partner, but if they give you all the bells and whistles that your audience won’t use, was it actually a wise investment?

When interviewing and demoing event software, have a checklist in mind of what your event needs. We put together a handy hybrid planning workbook where you can keep track of important information, the questions you should be asking, and much more! You want your event tech partner to work with you and your event goals in mind. If that means working with multiple best-of-service solutions, then don’t forget to make sure your chosen platform can integrate with them!

At the end of the day, you need to discover the best solutions for your event. There is no secret sauce because not every platform or integration works for every event. Finding an event management software that will help you reach your event goals and will work with you as a true partner throughout your event is one of the most important parts of your event planning strategy.

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