The Planners Guide to Proving ROI at In-Person Events

In today’s business landscape, executives are increasingly seeking tangible and quantifiable returns on investment (ROI) to justify their event expenditures. This begs the question: How can in-person events, regardless of their scale, capture the insights necessary to meet these demands?

“The Planner’s Guide to Proving ROI at In-Person Events,” a comprehensive guide brought to you by Skift Meetings and Stova. This guide explores the tools and innovative strategies that empower event planners to gather high-value data not only during the event itself but also in the broader context.

Inside, you’ll learn about:

Tracking foot traffic, session attendance, and dwell times
Supercharging your lead generation
Enabling engagement with measurable touch points
Making data manageable and meaningful
Highlighting the importance of first-party data

Are you a certified meeting planner? Redeem 1 CMP credit for The Planner’s Guide to Proving ROI at In-Person Events.

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