The Benefits of Event Gamification

January 25, 2018

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Are you looking to take your event to the next level? Do you want to design an experience for your attendees that will create an explosion of positive feedback on social media? Are you ready to thrill your vendors, connect your attendees to one another, and create growth for your business? Digital event gamification can help you achieve all your event planning goals.

Here are just a few ways event gamification can revolutionize the way you organize your event or conference:

1. Improved Event Engagement

Your event is a success when your attendees are entertained and involved from start to finish. In addition to assisting with learning and digesting new content, event gamification provides your guests with the opportunity to have fun and immerse themselves in productive activities. If attendees arrive early, gamification activities give them a way to focus on the event and fight boredom.

While event gamification provides several underlying benefits, one of your main focuses as an event organizer is to provide a memorable experience. When your event is fun, engaging and beneficial to everyone involved, attendees talk about it and share their enjoyment. You can generate more business, receive a better return on your investment, and create more organic growth opportunities than you would if you didn’t use gamification in your planning.

2. Effortless Networking

Many people who attend events are there to network. They want to meet industry influencers, business partners and peers. The goal is clear, but the execution can be difficult and awkward. It’s hard to know who else is attending the event, how to approach other guests, and who would make a valuable connection.

The good news is, there’s a simple and fun way to make it easier for guests to network. Digital event gamification facilitates networking by:

  • Creating an environment that encourages communication
  • Making it more comfortable for attendees to approach one another
  • Breaking down barriers and making it fun to network
  • Establishing opportunities for matchmaking and networking appointments
  • Alerting attendees when matches are nearby using iBeacon technology
  • Connecting attendees with similar interests, backgrounds or profiles
  • Providing incentives for networking through games and activities

Imagine the success of your event when your attendees can make valuable connections without having to endure awkward introductions. They can spend more time meeting the people they’re interested in meeting, and less time searching for the right connection.

3. Increased Support and Promotion for Your Sponsors

Sponsors are one of the cornerstones of your event. Your attendees want to experience the services, products or information sponsors have to offer. Likewise, sponsors want to connect with as many leads as possible. When done correctly, increased interaction benefits both parties.

Digital event gamification apps help to promote engagement and provide incentives to attendees who visit your sponsors. Here are a few examples of how this can work:

  • Vendors and sponsors can have QR codes at their booths for attendees to scan for points
  • Guests can earn additional incentives when they interact with vendors and correctly answer quiz questions related to the information the vendor provides
  • Attendees can earn points by downloading a vendor’s asset, product or information
  • Participants can access a digital passport featuring different sponsors they need to visit

This list is just a small sample of how event gamification can be used to increase the interaction between attendees and sponsors. Regardless of the setup, gamification apps can drive business for your vendors, and provide value to your guests.

4. Real-Time Event Feedback for Your Business

How will you know when your event is going well? Are you able to get feedback in real time? If a problem arises, are you able to adjust on the fly and get ahead of any negative reviews?

Event gamification technology adds to your event-planning success just as much as it benefits your attendees and sponsors. Using incentives and brief surveys, event organizers can gain insight into the success of their event in real time.

The benefits of instant feedback from event gamification include:

  • Proactive prevention of negative feedback
  • Insight into popular features, activities, and vendors
  • Data gathering to help you improve future events

Consumer information is a critical asset in the world of event planning. It’s even more valuable when you can receive it during a live event. Attendees are more likely to provide feedback if it’s part of a game, as opposed to an optional survey. When you know the experiences and feelings of your attendees each day, you can make adjustments on the fly and plan for future events.

In Conclusion

Don’t settle for ordinary events. Use event gamification to organize a memorable experience that attendees and sponsors will remember and that will provide you with the valuable data you need to succeed.

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