How AI Is Changing Event Attendee Experiences For The Better

June 15, 2021

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming more important than ever, particularly as modern cloud computing technology enables more powerful, flexible, scalable AI tools. The market is forecasted to grow to nearly $267 billion by 2027 – up from $27.23 billion in 2019.

And thanks to this continued growth and the accessibility of AI, it’s being used in a wide variety of different applications. AI in events, for example, is being explored by a lot of different companies, including Stova. But first, what is considered to be AI? In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at what tools are considered to be AI and how AI can empower event attendees to have a better experience at trade shows, conferences, and other similar events.

Facial Recognition for Event Check-In

This is one of the most popular ways AI in events is being used. Facial recognition technology has grown a lot in the past decade, especially with companies like Apple introducing Face ID.

Using powerful AI tools, event holders can allow event attendees to check in using only their face – automatically matching the person’s face to their ticket and any other information they may need. This means fewer hassles during check-ins – no more lost tickets or other such issues. Facial recognition makes the attendee experiences more streamlined!

AI Matchmaking For Personalization & Recommendations

One of the best ways to use AI is to provide personalization and recommendations for event attendees. For example, having event attendees fill out a survey about their interests before coming to a trade show – then use AI to match them with the booths and companies that most closely match their profile.

AI matchmaking can also be used for networking, to connect like-minded individuals and people in similar jobs and industries. Stova has introduced this feature to help make networking easier – particularly in virtual events. Not only do we help connect attendees, but we also use AI to recommend events and exhibitors that they may want to explore.

Improved Attendee Communication

Though the technology still is not perfect, AI has been a powerful asset to the world of translation. Today, translation programs are more effective and accurate than ever thanks to AI, which helps remove language barriers at events.

Chatbots are another way that AI is powering better attendee communication. Using a seamless interface, attendees at virtual events or even live events can communicate directly with a chatbot to ask questions.

When is the next keynote? When does the conference end? Who are the sponsors of this event? Where can I eat? And so on. Chatbots provide a natural and convenient support experience while requiring fewer resources from the event holder.

Harness The Power of Data

AI in events isn’t just used during the event itself, but it can also be used to collect, organize, and analyze attendee data throughout the event. By collecting data, you can improve future events and engagement to ensure an excellent experience during, after, and at your next event! Feedback matters, and you should have the tools at your disposal to assess them.

For example, you could use AI and BI (Business Intelligence) tools to assess the percentage of sign-ups who actually attended the event, the length of time each person watched certain sessions, how active they were on chat, and other such metrics. These could provide valuable insights to help improve future events.

Save On Event Costs

AI is a powerful cost-saving tool, since it can automate many of the tasks that otherwise would need to be required by an actual person. This means that – both now and in the future – AI will help event organizers save on event costs.

As a simple example, using an automated kiosk with facial recognition for event check-in means that you may only need one or two team members to perform check-ins – not booths and tables with dozens of workers checking in attendees and handing out packets.

Prepare For The Future Of AI In Events – It’s Here To Stay!

The field of AI is rapidly growing and changing and is sure to affect every part of our lives, including how we attend events. Thanks for reading, and whether you’re an event organizer or an attendee, we hope this information has been useful.

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