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September 13, 2016

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What’s in your wallet?

It’s true, far too common is a woman mocked for the contents of her purse and wallet.

Credit cards, bank cards, debit cards, checks, cash, store reward cards, driver’s license, health insurance cards, military or school ID, etc.

For event professionals and event attendees, the list can become even greater: boarding passes, business cards, cameras, note taking materials, agendas, meal tickets, lead tracking devices – well you get the hint.

One of the many reasons event professionals love Stova’s mobile event app is the fact that we can help minimize the need for bulky paper agendas, lead tracking devices, attendee tracking devices, and more. Stova’s mobile event apps take what was once a multitude of devices, items and non-communicating services and combine them into one single solution – that fits in the palm of both the event professional’s hands, and the event attendees – a mobile event app.

Yet the multitude of simplicities that Stova’s mobile event apps bring to the event app world has become even better with the inclusion of Apple Wallet within our event app.

What is Apple Wallet?

Apple Wallet is a pre-installed mobile app available iPhone’s and iPod touch’s. The app allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, store cards, credit cards, loyalty cards and more.

How Does Apple Wallet work for Event Check in?

  1. Printed tickets not necessary

Apple wallet removes the need for printed tickets by allowing attendees to display a barcode pass that would act as their printed pass. These ‘apple wallet passes’ would be scan-able by Stova’s registration kiosks and event professionals within their mobile event apps.  Not only does not having printed tickets save trees, but it also automates and expedites a once lengthy process of printing and distributing printed tickets prior to an event. Additionally, because the event registration passes are stored within the attendees iPhone via Apple Wallet or Android Pay, there’s no worry of losing a ticket or event registration information.

  1. Seamlessly Connects with Mobile Event App Reporting

Stova’s approach to event technology is to make our event apps and technology services seamless when it comes to reporting and communication with each other. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to have a CRM, social media, polling and other various event technology services that don’t communicate together when it comes to reporting. Stova’s event registration check-in process works seamlessly with Apple Wallet – providing custom event reporting all available within the event professionals mobile event app. Event Professionals can track how many attendees have checked in through Apple wallet, how many tickets have been purchased, and potentially sponsorship revenue generated from Apple Wallet, all within the Stova mobile event app.

  1. Increase Event App Adoption Rates

Passes from Apple Wallet can be received and distributed through email, text message, the internet, social media, or QR codes. They can also be integrated directly within your events mobile event app. Including passes and tickets within your mobile event app helps encourage mobile event app adoption rates, as well as promoting pre-event engagement.

In Conclusion

Including Apple Wallet as part of your events registration and event check-in process is a no brainer. Stova’s seamless connection between event registration and Apple Wallet as well as your mobile event app – provides a no brainer solution to real time analytics and reporting in the palm of your hands.

And yes, Stova can integrate event check-in with Android Pay and Google Wallet as well.

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