ConferenceDirect's 2023 Annual Partner Meeting

Success Story

Collaborative event management solutions for successful annual meetings.

In event management, achieving operational excellence and delivering remarkable experiences are paramount. The collaborative venture between ConferenceDirect and Stova, exemplified by the 2023 Annual Partner Meeting (APM), demonstrates these principles. As a prominent figure in the meetings and events sector, ConferenceDirect oversees a substantial portfolio of contracts annually, catering to a diverse clientele.

This case study delves into the challenges and successes of ConferenceDirect's event, spotlighting how Stova's suite of solutions not only aligned with but also surpassed their exacting requisites. In this case study, discover how Stova's platform introduced reliability and intuitive usability, and streamlined execution to their event landscape. With a specific focus on the APM, we will dissect how Stova's technology seamlessly converged with ConferenceDirect's strategic objectives, yielding an unequivocally successful event.



ConferenceDirect stands as a frontrunner in collaborating with tailored event management and technology providers to deliver unforgettable, customized meetings and events. Driven by the mission to provide clients with seamless technology and event management solutions, ConferenceDirect favors point solutions for various aspects like registration, marketing, hotel management, badging, virtual platforms, and mobile applications.

The Annual Partner Meeting (APM) by ConferenceDirect is a flagship internal event annually, amalgamating all associates and partners. Built on the pillars of recognition, networking, and education, this event posed a challenge: facilitating pre-scheduled meetings and appointments between associates and partners.

The requirement encompassed both one-on-one appointments and group meetings, all within an easily navigable user experience. Past experiences saw ConferenceDirect struggle with user-unfriendly solutions, both on the attendee front and backend.

Event Success

Location: United States
Founded: 1998
Employees: 600+
Industry: Global partner for meetings and events

ConferenceDirect is your global partner for meetings & events. Services include selection & contract negotiation, conference management services, hosing & registration services, strategic meetings management programs, virtual & hybrid event services, marketing support for events, and much more.

Key Statistics

ConferenceDirect's significant event management volume, comprising over 40,000 registrants annually across diverse events, testifies to their trust in Stova's solutions. This trust extends to crucial events like the Annual Partner Meeting, boasting over 800 attendees and partners.

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