8 Songs #EventProfs Need to Listen to When Planning Events!

March 3, 2016

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Planning an event is no easy feat – and the road to a successful event is not always paved in gold (or stone, or rubble, or even cleared of brush.)  Here are 8 songs every event professional needs on their event app playlist!

1.) The xx, “intro”

Start the day (or the beginning of planning) with this song – it will surely encourage, uplift, and get you pumped – ready to focus on the tenacious task ahead of you – planning your event! 

2.) Jorge Quintero, “300 Violin Orchestra”

Nothing can defeat you. Nothing will make you (r event) fail. You are the King/Queen of Event Planning – and you are going to plan the most successful event! 

3.)Kanye West, “Stronger”

You’re a pro. You’ve got this! Venue? Check. Speaker? Check. Breakout sessions? Check. Event app? (Duh, Stova!) Check.  This event will only make you a stronger (event professional)! 

4.) Fall Out Boy, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)”

In the details with what seems like the devil? Non sense. You’ve got this! Light those problems, issues and event engagement worries up! You will not be defeated – your event will be successful and engaging! YOU are the antidote to boring, lame, unsuccessful events!

5.)Flo Rida, “My House”

After all – this event? It’s your house. You welcome all the attendees – and your goal is make them feel WELCOME! You want them to know they are here to learn, and engage, and to see how successful you are as an event planner – welcome to your (event) house., where your attendees don’t have to go out! 

6.) Journey, “Don’t Stop Believing”

Because no matter how hard, or frustrating, or seemingly in moments overwhelming – you are an #EventProfs ROCKSTAR! You will have an AMAZING event! Don’t give up now! You can DO IT! (Grab a brush and head to the bathroom and bust out a lyric or two if you have to – your coworkers will probably join in – no need to worry or fear judgement!). 

7.) Rachel Platten, “Fight

I asked the CEO of Stova what his “get stuff* done song was…” he starts singing “this is my fight song”. But silly or not, he has a good point – silly or not – there’s no stopping you as an event professional – so keep fighting, you’ve got this! This event is YOURS to ROCK! 

8. Europe,”The Final Countdown”

The end is in sight! Well, the end of planning – your event is ALMOST! HERE! Nothing can defeat you now! Main speaker sick with food poisoning – WHAM! You’ve got it covered! Trying to boost that before event engagement? No problem, you’re using Stova’s mobile event app – success! It’s coming – your event is about to start!

Stova helps you drive engagement and rock your events (with or without the great playlist!) Learn more about how Stova’s mobile event app can help you rock your next event, here!

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