3 (more) Tips for Post Event Engagement

October 3, 2016

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The bags have been packed, and your attendees are home, settled back into their daily routines at work. The immediate event buzz has worn down, and engagement levels are rapidly falling. But the importance of engagement post-event is just as important as it is before and during. Here are three tips to help you keep the excitement alive after the curtain falls.

1. Say Thank You

After your event, don’t forget to say thank you. Send out an email, update your event group page on Facebook, add a message to your Linkedin post, or send out a tweet (using your event hashtag!) to say thank you for attending your event. Thank you for engaging with our event. Thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU! A little gratitude goes a long way.

2. Learn with Reporting (again)

Your mobile event app provides event reporting and options for surveys and live polling, but having event attendees take a follow up survey does two things for your event reporting . First, it gives attendees time to get back into their daily lives and routines and reflect on the important things they learned at your event. Second, it continues event engagement, thus reminding attendees of the value that your event offers them after they have left the site.

3. Use Social Media

Did your event have an amazing keynote speaker? Capture it on video, and then share it out to your event attendees after the event, so that they can review and remember how excellent your event was. It also gives attendees a way to engage with others by talking about all the details they loved in your Facebook event page group.

Bonus Tip: Have a Contest!

Encourage attendees to continue the dialogue by having a post-event contest on your social channels or through a follow-up email. Prompt attendees to engage with the contest by sharing information from your event to their social networks or to continue the conversation with the community inside of your event’s mobile app. Incentivize the contest with a special piece of swag or a free ticket to next year’s event!

In Conclusion

No matter how you choose to encourage it, post-event engagement is a vital part of every event. Keep the buzz alive by continuing to captivate attendees after the event has ended. 

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