21 Amazing Event Software Integrations for Event Professionals

May 25, 2021

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When organizing an event, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider. As the organizer, you could manually handle all of the various aspects of the event including ticket sales, registration, analytics, etc. Alternatively, you could integrate various software services to automate as many parts of the process as possible.

In this article, we will define what an event software integration is, outline the benefits of software integration, and investigate 21 event software integrations that professionals can utilize for their next event.

What is an Event Software Integration?

An event software integration refers to the process of utilizing technology from a certain company to improve an event in some way. This may include incorporating software that streamlines ticket sales, analyzes data gathered during and after the event, and performs many other tasks.

What are the Benefits of Event Software Integration?

Broadly, the main benefit obtained from event software integration is that planning and running an event becomes much easier. The software you elect to incorporate into your event will automate many of the processes, enabling you to focus your energy on areas where your attention is needed most. Depending on your specific event, you may choose to automate the ticketing and check-in process, the process of extracting data from attendee interactions, and/or the post-event analysis process.

Below is a deeper dive into each of the above benefits of software integration. Note that this list is not an exhaustive index of the benefits available from software integration, but rather a small sampling:

  • Allowing for an efficient ticket purchasing and registration process    Some software integration can specifically address the ticket issuing, check-in, and registration processes. This can be a huge headache to manually administer, so if you’ve handled tickets and registration manually before, you will appreciate this software integration even more.
  • Extract data from event attendees  Those who attend your event provide tons of data that can be extracted and collected by the software. Interactions like credit card swipes, sign-ups, time spent at certain booths, etc. can provide valuable data to you as an event organizer. Every interaction and movement by an event attendee is a wealth of data that can be used for marketing and sales purposes.
  • Analyze data gathered from the event  Not only can certain software extract data from the event, but other programs can also perform an in-depth analysis of this data. This is invaluable for your marketing strategy in the future and for planning future events.

21 Software Integrations You Should Consider for Your Next Event

The following list provides some basic suggestions that may help you to organize your next event. However, know that this is not a complete list and that many more options may appeal to you, depending on the individual needs of your event.

 1. Salesforce

Integration between Salesforce’s CRM or customer relationship management with your event software can serve to efficiently collect and analyze data during your event. Integrating with Salesforce allows you peace of mind that you will have a superlative technology gathering and organizing data into valuable information for you to utilize before, during, and after your event.

 2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a platform that provides various options to entice consumers and convert prospects into paying customers. Software integration with HubSpot enables you to utilize their services both online and offline.

 3. Marketo

Marketo’s automation software allows you to easily outline communication for your event-goers, in addition to the ability to act on data gathered during the event registration process and the event itself.

4. Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua Marketing provides an all-in-one marketing service that combines all of your potential and current customers into one easy-to-digest view of your client data. The service can be used when organizing your event to gain insight into leads and provides various tools to be used when making sales.

 5. Abila NetForum

This member management software integration is specifically marketed towards mid-sized to larger organizations as well as non-profits. Abila NetForum strives to make every partnership a success by boasting excellent support in addition to consulting services. Event professionals should consider integrating Abila NetForum’s software during their next event to utilize the flexible configuration options and easy-to-control system that the service offers.

 6. Caspio

Caspio provides a means to develop apps that require little to no coding, while still preserving security for your data. Integrating Caspio software with your next event could help when it comes to events that will require specific apps to be developed and maintained before, during, and after the event.

 7. Acoustic

Silverpop, now known as Acoustic since ownership changed hands, is a service that strives to increase client engagement through automation and data analysis. Silverpop makes it easy to improve your marketing strategy and utilize the data you extract from events to increase conversions. Partnering with services like Ticketmaster, Silverpop has proven how integrating with its software is a great decision for any event planner who is deciding between platforms with which to integrate.

 8. DocuSign

When agreeing to any terms and conditions, it is always best to have a way for customers to provide a signature. However, in the age of Covid-19, where paper signatures aren’t always the safest option in terms of transmission, it helps to have an effective electronic signature service. DocuSign allows users to streamline and solidify the agreement process and is a must-have feature for event planners moving forward into a post-Covid world.

 9. Passkey

Passkey is the ideal solution for out-of-town guests wondering where they should stay after they have attended your event. This service makes it incredibly easy to book a room upon registering for your event. For event planners, it makes perfect sense to integrate with Passkey to avoid being stuck with unused rooms in your hotel room block and to improve your attendees’ experience overall.

 10. Concur

SAP Concur is a service that makes the hassle of travel an incredibly straightforward process. The service can be readily utilized by event planners to cover all aspects of attendee travel such as booking plane tickets immediately after registering for the event.

 11. Google Analytics

Now a household name, Google has a service for virtually everything one can imagine on the internet. Google Analytics, specifically, is an excellent choice for event software integration due to the ability of the software to easily provide marketing teams with the appropriate mechanisms to analyze all of the data gleaned from the event in question. Best of all, many of the tools provided by Google Analytics are free of charge.

 12. Slack

Slack has become a very well-known service in the past year due to the team building services it provides to small, and large companies alike. The service functions as a means to communicate that is not as formal as email, but more business-oriented than most chat services. Slack is a fantastic service that can be utilized by event planners for coordination between vendors and other parties during an event. Additionally, slack boasts impressive numbers when it comes to boosting productivity through the use of the service.

 13. Sabre

The travel industry has embraced Sabre with open arms. This service “learns” from client activity and provides meaningful data to travel professionals about how best to market to travelers. Software integration with Sabre is helpful for event professionals who expect to have a lot of attendees traveling to the event from all over.

 14. GetThere

GetThere operates under the umbrella of parent company Sabre, also on this list. The service is designed to be easy and intuitive for users, while at the same time navigating complicated travel issues as they arise. GetThere is an excellent choice when it comes to event software integrations as it keeps attendees from getting frustrated with unexpected travel issues, while also providing valuable analytics data to travel managers.

 15. Mobile Event App

The perfect solution for all things event-related, the Mobile Event App provides invaluable data to event organizers while creating an incredibly easy means for attendees to access all parts of an event. With the Mobile Event App, you can send messages to attendees in real-time, letting them plan for last-minute changes and adjustments as they unfold. Additionally, through the app, you can conduct polls and surveys to receive valuable information about how audiences are responding to your event. Last but not least, the Mobile Event App is a safe and touch-free alternative to paper sign-up sheets. In the age of Covid-19, one can never be too careful.

 16. Onsite Solutions

While at the event, it is critical that attendees feel safe. Therefore, onsite solutions such as touch-free check-in, registration, and lead generation are items that can be easily integrated by event professionals. These features benefit the event attendees in terms of safety and security, but also provide vendors and event organizers with valuable analytic data during and after the event.

 17. Meetingmax

Meetingmax provides a very specific service but prides itself on performing this one task better than anyone else. The service in question is room block management. Meetingmax is fully focused on ensuring that your room blocks are managed perfectly, so that you can focus on all of the other areas of concern before, during, and after your event. If room block management is something that you don’t want to have to deal with during your event, consider software integration with Meetingmax.

 18. Social Media

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have massive user bases and are free to everyone, making these apps perfect tools for reaching wide audiences. Event professionals can capitalize on the convenience of social media platforms by integrating with these programs to promote events. Pathable is one excellent option available to event planners who are organizing a virtual event to capitalize on social media outreach. Pathable provides a virtual event platform that has successfully partnered with many different companies in the past such as Microsoft and Yahoo! Integrating with Pathable during your event can help to provide a platform that can be utilized easily by all parties in attendance at your virtual event.

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