Why Your Mobile App Should Fully Integrate With Your Event Management Software

June 17, 2019

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The event mobile app has become a necessary tool for event planners and attendees alike. It acts as an information hub for an event, and can be a source for engagement, networking, gamification and more; all of which is easily accessible on the devices attendees already have. But the reality is, while an event mobile app can do a lot for the attendee experience, it can only do so much for the planners on the other side. In fact, planners can only truly make the most of their apps when they are fully integrated with their event management software. Here’s are some of the key benefits of this crucial integration:

Seamlessly Connect With Other Planning Tools

When your event management software integrates with your mobile app, not only can you manage it alongside your event registration, website and other tools in one place, but these tools can seamlessly talk to one another. This comes in handy when you want to add your attendee list to your mobile app or implement your branding elements and colors across your entire event.

Automatic Updates for Communication

Nearly every event has last-minute unexpected changes, and communication consistency with attendees is key to navigating those changes successfully. On top of being able to instantly send updates via push notifications, when your event mobile app is integrated with your event management software, any changes made to your event’s agenda will automatically be updated on your website as well as the app. This not only saves planners valuable time, but it helps maintain a level of consistency and professionalism attendees will appreciate.

Creating Personalized Experiences

The personalization trend is not going away anytime soon and having an integrated mobile app can making creating that kind of expierence for attendees easy and less daunting. When it comes to networking, for example, a one-to-one match making feature can use data collected at registration to create a list of like-minded people for an individual attendee to connect with onsite, which they can access within the app. In terms of event content, automatic push notifications promoting specific sessions or exhibition booths can also be sent to attendees throughout an event based on their interests also collected at registration.

Integrated Reporting & Intelligence

Today’s top mobile apps include a myriad of features that collect valuable data related to engagement and attendee satisfaction such as live polling, Q&As, session ratings, surveys, in-app messaging and much more. When all of that data is integrated with event management software, it can give planners an even fuller picture of what went on their event when presented alongside other KPIs related to registration, revenue or whatever else is important to a planner’s goals. This increases a planner’s overall event intelligence and will allow them to plan ever better, more successful events in the future.

In Conclusion

As you can see, while having a mobile event app is great, having it fully integrated with your event management software is even better. It creates a more engaging experience for attendees, while bringing together even more data that works seamlessly for planners behind the scenes.

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