What Makes A Great Event? 6 Tips for Event Planners

May 29, 2019

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All great events have a few fundamental things in common. A great venue, an engaging event app and memorable guest speakers are a few of the essential ingredients. As an event professional, it’s your job to get these things right. Here are six things to keep in mind to make sure your next event gets the essentials right.

1. Networking

Networking is often the biggest draw of an event; it’s critical to overall event engagement and success. Attendees, vendors, exhibitors, and event planners are all looking to connect and it’s your job, as the planner, to maximize all of these connections. Our advice? Make the most of your event app to to help facilitate positive, memorable and useful connections.

2. Speakers

As the event planner, it’s your job to research and vet the best possible speaker prospects. Create a list of desirable candidates, then watch any videos they have, or better yet, see them in person. Don’t be afraid to invest in the right speaker this should be a priority.

Whether you plan to have multiple guest speakers or only one, your speakers must support your bigger event objective(s). Once you have your lineup, share everything speakers might need to know, including any insights into your event goals, topics and audience. Be sure that you understand your speaker’s material and that there is no risk of polarizing your audience. There are many factors that go into booking the best speaker for your event. For more detailed suggestions, check out these tips.

3. Extra Activities & Creative Sessions

Extra activities often help cultivate connections that may not have been made otherwise. Consider adding ‘out of the box’ event activities such as a pre-event 5K run, a morning group yoga session, volunteer opportunities to support the local community the possibilities are plentiful. Get creative when it comes to your sessions, and try one of our tips for shaking up the traditional breakout session.

4. Location & Venue

Location matters. A lot. Consider which region is best for you and your attendees. Will the majority of your attendees have to travel and if so, how far? Keep cost of travel in mind as it will impact your attendance rate. When it comes to picking a venue, some planners prefer to start venue sourcing before location sourcing. Whether this step comes first or second, consider the infrastructure and functionality of each venue you look into. For example, will you need to offer Wi-Fi, and will the network comfortably hold your targeted number of attendees? Will the space and facilities accommodate the number of people you’re working with? For more on this, check out our series on successful event planning tips. We also suggest using Unique Venues‘ checklist for what to remember when sourcing a venue.

5. Communication

Information is imperative. Communicate with your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and staff so they know what to expect prior to the event. Continue to spread the word and offer information during and after the event as well. Extra activities, breakout sessions, workshops, matchmaking and networking opportunities let your attendees know about everything you have to offer. Utilizing the best mobile event app is critical for doing so. And when communicating and promoting, remember to put yourself in your audience’s shoes, and emphasize the benefits to them.

6. Onsite Experience

Are there any logistics you’ve overlooked? Make a list and make sure you review it before day one of your event. No attendee wants to wait in line to register (Stova has an onsite registration experience that can help with that), nor does an attendee want to be lost or have questions or concerns that go unanswered. Be sure to offer onsite assistance with accessible, effective and friendly staff and event professionals.

How can Stova help?

If you focus on these essentials, you’re well on your way to an awesome event. Afterward, keep momentum with social media, surveys and announcements for future events. Post-event communication will help your attendees walk away with a greater appreciation. If you’re looking for more in-depth advice on apps and event tech, subscribe to the Stova blog. And as always, if you want to talk it over with an expert, don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo!

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