The Top 43 Fundraising Statistics Planners Should Know

December 23, 2019

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It’s that time of year! The time to give back! As a meeting or event planner, you may be busy planning fundraising events to give back to their local community or your organizations’ favorite charity. But before you do, it’s important to understand the top fundraising trends and statistics to make data-driven decisions on your fundraising event.

To save planners time on researching the constantly changing fundraising industry, we’ve compiled the top 43 fundraising statistics that planners need to know in 2020. Check it out.

General Fundraising Statistics:

1. 67 percent of donors volunteer locally (NpTechForGood).

2. 56 percent of donors attend fundraising events regularly (Double the Donation).

3. 51 percent of fundraising donors do not have a landline (MobileCause).

4. 41 percent of donors worldwide give as a response to a natural disaster (Double the Donation).

5. 37 percent of people who donated last year donated again this year (MrBenchMarks).

6. 31 percent of offline-only, first-time donors are retained over a year, whereas only 25 percent of online-only first-time donors are retained over a year (Double the Donation).

7. 19 percent of donors reported being willing to give by scanning their smartphone on public transportation, in an airport, or at a digital billboard (NpTechForGood).

8. $512 is the average amount of money raised by volunteer fundraisers (MobileCause).

9. $79 the average mobile user donation (Double the Donation).

10. 2x the amount volunteers are more likely to donate than non-volunteers (Neoncrm).

Online Fundraising:

11. 68 percent of donors report trusting email addresses or websites that use .org in their domain name (NpTechForGood).

12. 54 percent of donors reported preferring to give via credit or debit card (NpTechForGood).

13. $139 dollars is the average online website donation amount (MobileCause).

Fundraising & Marketing:

14. 144 percent the number digital ads grew this year for nonprofits (MrBenchMarks).

15. 55 percent of nonprofits ad budgets were directed specifically to fundraising (MrBenchMarks).

16. 48 percent of all traffic to fundraising webpages can be accounted for by mobile devices (MrBenchMarks).

17. 28 percent of all online fundraising revenue was generated by email marketing campaigns (Double the Donation).

18. 24 percent of fundraising emails are opened (MobileCause).

19. 9 percent the decline seen by fundraising email response rates (NonProfitMarketingGuide).

20.9.4 the average number of short-form articles effective nonprofits create per month, whereas less effective nonprofits create 1.5 articles per month (NonProfitMarketingGuide).

Fundraising & Social Media:

21. 99 percent of all nonprofits’ revenue was generated on Facebook (MrBenchMarks).

22.71 percent of nonprofit organizations, worldwide, report social media as an effective online fundraising tool (NpTechForGood).

23.57 percent of all online fundraising traffic to campaign pages is driven by social media (NpTechForGood).

24.44% — the number of follower increase nonprofits saw on Instagram, making it the fastest-growing platform for fundraising (Double the Donation).

25.29 percent of fundraising occurs from #GivingTuesday (NpTechForGood).

26.29 percent of online donors report social media as the key communication tool that inspired them to donate to the organization (NpTechForGood).

27. 150 percent live fundraising raises 150 percent more than non-live streamed fundraisers (DonorDrive).

28.$105 the amount of money the average donor gifted on #GivingTuesday (NpTechForGood).

People’s Fundraising Habits:

29.54 percent of fundraising donors report preferring to donate online (BidBeacon).

30.53.8 percent of nonprofits start planning their year-end appeal in October (Neoncrm).

31. 42.7 percent of people give more during the holiday time (e.g. December) than at any other time during the year (BidBeacon).

32.12 percent of all giving happens in the last three days of the year (Neoncrm).

33.2/3 of people do no research before making donations and instead give to organizations recommended by their friends and family (Neoncrm).

34.1/3 of all charitable giving is done in December (Neoncrm).

Fundraising by Demographics:

35.64 percent of all donations are made by women (BidBeacon).

36.64 the average age of the average donor in the United States who gives 2 donations per year (Double the Donation).

Fundraising by Generation:

37. 39 percent of millennial donors are inspired to donate by social media, whereas 33 percent of Generation X and Baby Bomber donors report social media as the inspiration for their donation (Double the Donation).

38.$1,212 the amount of money an average Baby Boomer donates yearly (NpTechForGood).

39.$732 the amount of money an average Generation Xer donates yearly (NpTechForGood).

40.$481 the amount of money an average Millennial will donate annually (NpTechForGood).

Fundraising & Corporations:

41. $20 billion- the amount of donations given by corporations to nonprofit organizations last year (Double the Donation).

42.65 percent of Fortune 500 companies have matching donation programs (Double the Donation).

43.84 percent of donors report they would give a larger gift if their company matched their donation (Double the Donation).

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