The S.M.A.R.T Way to Event Execution

November 21, 2016

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Albert Einstein once said “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer:” 

When it comes to the event world – whether it’s choosing the right event technology, mobile app, or any of the multitude of pains that can come from planning an event, there’s no denying that problems and roadblocks are oft par for the course.

Yet every event professional knows, that despite the roadblocks, potential problems, and oft pains that occur from planning and executing events – the ‘smart’ shines through in the end if you just stay with ‘the problems longer.’






So how can event professionals better plan and execute their events ‘smartly’ with the mobile event apps and their events in general?

1. Specific

Every event starts with planning. And whether it’s choosing a venue, DJ or mobile event app – the goals and desires that you want to achieve from your decisions must be specific.

When working with Stova, our account managers help event planners and event professionals clearly and specifically set goals and expectations. By having a dedicated account manager, there’s no loss of communication or miscommunication. Our number one priority is helping every event be successful whether it’s utilizing our event app or our registration platform, both of which begin with setting specific goals.

2. Measurable

By setting specific goals and desired outcomes, event planners can better establish what is needed to track for success. Stova’s event app helps track several key components of events with our custom and industry leading analytics reporting. From being able to track the most engaging attendee, most interactive session, networking exchanges or more – Stova can help event professionals set attainable goals that can be measurable and show ROI.

3. Attainable

When event planners meet with Stova’s account managers, the promises are never exuberant. Our account managers help set and define realistic, attainable goals. We work with event planners to establish success every step of the way – before, during, and after the event.

4. Relevant

It’s important that when event professionals plan their events, they remember the relevance of goals. There’s no need to have a goal of 100 flying monkeys at an event if the event is hosted underwater and only about cars. While event engagement is important, as well every other aspect of successful events, making sure that your goals as event professional are relevant, is key. Stova’s unique and custom mobile event app platform doesn’t have to be standalone. Our dedicated account managers can help event planners make sure the goals they are setting are relevant, at every stage of the event planning and execution process.

5. Timely

Potentially the easiest part of ‘SMART’ goal planning when it comes to event professionals planning events. However, all too oft is it the case that the last minute goals and expectations are forgotten because they weren’t clearly defined and timed out in advance. As you are planning your event, making sure to know when expectations and results should be due, is highly important.


 Planning events is no easy task – yet event professionals know that the reward of seeing a successful event take place, is well worth the hard work. Stova’s mobile event app platform was created to help event planners execute and measure these goals. As a leader in the event tech industry, we thrive on the success of our client’s events.

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