Stova Brings ARS Abroad to PepsiCo’s Global HR Conference

February 4, 2016

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This past spring, Stova had the opportunity to power PepsiCo’s Global HR conference in Madrid, Spain. This conference was exciting for us not only because of the beautiful location oversees, but because PepsiCo integrated our ARS (Audience Response Systems) capabilities into the event.

Quick Look Into ARS

  • ARS engage the audience with the speaker through live polling and live questions.
  • Live polling allows speakers to ask the audience any number of questions, and then see results instantly for each question. Flip it around and you get live questions.
  • Live questions lets the audience type any questions they have into the app and instantly the speaker can view them on their device. This helps tremendously with timing because it eliminates the need for passing a microphone around and looking for raised hands. If something pops up in an attendee’s mind, they simply type it in and BOOM! It’s in the speaker’s hands.

PepsiCo’s Global HR conference, that was held May 13th-15th, 2014, strived to have its attendees minds be open to new ways of thinking, collaboration, and technology in order to keep moving forward in business with the constant changes in today’s society.

Stova’s app was a great way to illustrate new technology to the attendees. Additionally, there was no better way to get everyone involved then to have live polling merged into the presentations. This provided a fun, engaging experience to the audience through gaming like presentations. One presentation was a “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” game. In this game the speaker had a panel of participants who would give an answer to a particular question. Then, the speaker would ask the audience the same question and within seconds, a graph would be shown with the percentages of answers that the audience gave.

This was a wonderful way to incorporate the crowd into the game while quizzing them on information they had just learned.

Stova’s mobile app boosts engagement through features like networking, social sharing, and personal agendas, just to name a few. However, you don’t want to use these during presentations because that’s just distracting. This is where ARS come into play. It is a perfect way engage the audience and improve any presentation you give. Integrate ARS into your next presentation and watch the crowd become alive!

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