Product Update: Exhibitor Matchmaking

May 27, 2021

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Building connections and increasing ROI are two of the most important aspects of your conference and meetings. At MeetingPlay, we understand that you need a virtual platform that meets your goals and exceeds expectations for user-experience and customer service. Exhibitor matchmaking is just one aspect of our virtual event technology stack that builds connections and brand loyalty.

Constantly Innovating, Always Creating

Our advanced AI algorithms help attendees find exhibitors and sponsors that matter most to them. How? Let’s take a look!

Connecting Attendees to Sponsors/Exhibitors

Our exhibitor matchmaking is powered by our AI algorithm to help your attendees find and connect with new exhibitors and sponsors that can help them solve their pain points. Easily change tabs between meeting like-minded professionals, sessions of interest, and exhibitors/sponsors. From here, attendees and exhibitors can schedule meetings both during and after the event, allowing lasting engagement even after the final session ends.

Advanced Profiles

Attendees who join your event will can build out their user profiles with their name, photo (optional), email address, phone number, company name, job title, and so much more. They’ll be asked a series of questions tailored to your event, and then the artificial intelligence gets to work!

Metrics that Matter

You know your event goals better than everyone. Customized questions put you in the driver’s seat to help create an environment your attendees want to stay in. These qualifying questions create high-quality leads that matter to you and your exhibitors and sponsors.

Easily track within the virtual platform how many attendees view sessions, visit exhibitor booths, interact with sponsors, and book meetings, as well as allow your exhibitors to write internal notes on their leads, and your exhibitors will have decreased no-shows with Stova’s reminder push-notifications before meeting times!

Our in-depth metrics will allow you and your exhibitors to assess what is important to your attendee, from sessions attended, one-on-one meetings requested, and so much more.

Let us power your next live, virtual, or hybrid event

Stova is continuously updating our virtual event platform with new and exciting features to meet the needs of our customers and their audience. Learn more about the exciting features our virtual platform offers! Schedule a demo of our technology and learn all about how we can partner for your next event.

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