How Event Planners Can Create an Event on Google

February 11, 2020

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If you’re an event planner, you need to understand Google. With the search engine giant accounting for over 85% of all global mobile search traffic and growing in reach every year, you need to be on Google’s radar to get more visitors to your event. Whether you’re organizing a conference, launch or any other event, learning how to get on Google events can ensure your event gets seen by more people.

How to Add Events on Google Search

The good news is that once you create content on Google, the search engine automatically looks for and includes your page in rankings. However, you need to put in some effort to make sure your event is listed high in the search results:

  • Create plenty of content: The more relevant content you create, the more likely your event will rank well. Create web pages, blog posts and other content with plenty of useful data. Use a few links to other pieces in your content selection inside each page. Get others in your audience to share the content and link to it.
  • Use keywords: Use a keyword generation tool to find relevant keywords related to your event and use keywords that include your location occasionally in your content. Do not try to stuff keywords into every sentence, but do use them in headlines and titles.

How to Get Events Listed on Google

When you use Google to look up terms related to an event, such as workshops and concerts, it usually lists upcoming events in a separate section near the top of the first page. If you’re an event planner with a big day coming up, appearing in Google search events is a wonderful way to alert interested visitors that your event is coming up. Getting listed on Google helps you appear on Google events, too, but you can improve your chances by:

  • Using a third-party website: Some social platforms and ticketing sites have special systems in place to help you take part in the Google event search function. All you need to do is list your event according to the third-party website’s specifications, and it should appear in Google searches for events in your area.
  • Using structured data: You can use HTML or a CMS plug-in with your content management system to add structured data to alert Google of your event.
  • Using highlighted data: Google lets you use Data Highlighter to add tags to your content to alert the search engine of your events. This can be useful if you’re not on any relevant third-party websites and do not want to change your HMTL or use a plug-in.

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