Event Gamification Examples: An Event Planner’s Guide

January 23, 2018

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You’ve made the right decision. You’ve decided to use a digital event gamification app for your next event. Now what?

If you’re new to gamification, you may have some trouble figuring out where to start. Stova provides our clients with expert guidance to customize activities that are just right for your event.

Here are a few popular event gamification examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Trivia – Event attendees answer a series of questions throughout your event to help them retain important information. The questions can be related to presentation content or vendor products. Participants can earn points for each question they answer.

Scavenger Hunts – Digital scavenger hunts can give your attendees tasks to complete based on the areas of your event you would like to highlight. You can provide participants with a long list of tasks to complete throughout the entire event, or smaller lists of tasks released each day. The scavenger hunt tasks can focus on an array of event features, including sponsor information, meeting content, featured speakers or networking opportunities.

Photo Contests – Attendees and followers of your event love to see and interact with visual content. Photo contests are a great way to shine a spotlight on important event features and encourage guests to interact with sponsors’ products and services. Participants can upload photos in the app and vote on their favorite submissions. Examples could include a selfie station featuring your event logo or a contest that involves taking pictures with a vendor’s product.

And the best part, you’re in total control of the content. No need to worry about what types of photos your attendees are uploading. You can manage and edit every image as an administrator in our content management system.

Bingo – Bingo is a simple and effective way to improve networking and vendor interaction for your event. Attendees would receive a bingo card populated with information based on your preferences as an event planner. Participants can earn bonus points once they’ve completed a horizontal row, vertical column, diagonal row or the complete board.

Bingo gamification can help you achieve a variety of goals for your event. Popular examples include finding vendors, participating in activities, or connecting with people outside of an attendee’s region or country.

Creative Lab – Are you rolling out a new product or service? Do you need creative ideas surrounding one of your business processes? Our creative group activities can help your attendees generate ideas to help improve your business.

To begin, attendees split into teams. Each team would be asked to come up with creative ideas to improve, promote or apply to a new product, service or initiative. Each team then presents their ideas on stage in front of the entire group. Other attendees can “invest” in the ideas they like the most with digital investment dollars they receive in their apps. The winner is the team with the most investment dollars at the end of the presentations.

In Conclusion

The list above is just a tiny sample of how digital event gamification can enhance your event. We can customize a solution that matches your event goals and atmosphere perfectly.

Reach out to us if you have questions. To see event gamification examples live, schedule a brief demo to review and discuss customization options.

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