Streamline and Customize Badging Solutions

A well-designed badge goes beyond simple identification; it sets the tone for your event and creates a lasting impression.

Meet Stova’s cutting-edge badging solutions, where customization and efficiency converge seamlessly. Versatile identification systems enhance the attendee experience and represent your organization.


Elevate your event with our customizable and technologically advanced badging solutions.


Prioritize Customization

Cutting-edge badging solutions that prioritize customization, efficiency, and convenience


Customize Events

Versatile identification systems to represent your organization and enhance the attendee experience


Discover Options

Range of options including plastic or paper card stock badges and seamless scanning technologies


Customization Made Easy

Tailor every aspect of your event to your unique needs.

Customizable badges allow you to showcase your brand identity and event details effortlessly. User-friendly design tools and expert support ensure that you can create a memorable and cohesive event experience every time.

Personalize Badges Effortlessly

Showcase your brand identity, sponsorship logos, and event details

Customize Efficiently

Choose plastic or paper card stock badges to match specific requirements

Design with the User in Mind

Leverage our tools and expert support to offer seamless badge customization

Create Brand Cohesion

Incorporate your logos, colors, attendee names, and relevant information


Seamless Scanning Technologies

Efficiency and accessibility are vital elements of a successful event. Our badges incorporate cutting-edge scanning technologies, including NFC, QR, BLE, or UHF. These advanced options provide a seamless check-in process and enable quick access to event areas, sessions, and networking opportunities. Attendees can effortlessly scan their badges using smartphones, tablets, or dedicated scanners, enhancing the overall event experience while ensuring accurate tracking and reporting.

Embrace the power of technology to streamline your event's operations with our state-of-the-art badging solutions.

Utilize Advanced Scanning Technologies

Cutting-edge badging technologies, including NFC, QR, BLE, or UHF

Streamline Check-in Process with Efficiency

Streamline check-in process for efficient and quick access to event areas, sessions, and networking opportunities

Easy Access to Event Areas, Sessions, and Networking Opportunities

Attendees can easily scan badges using smartphones, tablets, or dedicated scanners

Tracking and Reporting Made Simple

Enhance your event operations with real-time reports and accurate tracking

Enhance the Onsite Environment
At Your Service

At Your Service

At Stova, we provide streamlined and customizable badging solutions that meet the diverse needs of modern events. Whether you prefer plastic or paper card stock, our badges can be personalized to match your brand identity effortlessly. With cutting-edge scanning technologies such as NFC, QR, BLE, or UHF, we ensure a seamless check-in process and enhanced attendee experience. Elevate your event and make a lasting impression with our technologically advanced and visually appealing badges. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize our badging solutions to elevate your next event.


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