7 Ways to Capitalize on Your Social Wall After Your Event

March 7, 2018

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Your venue is empty, your attendees are gone, and your vendors and sponsors have packed up. Your event was a huge success, and everyone involved had an amazing time from start to finish.

You were smart. You decided to use a social wall and mobile app at your event, and they were wildly popular. Your attendees, sponsors, and vendors loved the interaction, entertainment, and attention generated by your social media feature. You posted screens around your venue displaying live social feeds, and your event wouldn’t have been the same without this cutting-edge feature.

It’s time to sit back and bask in all your event-planning glory.

Or is it?

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean it’s time to relax. In fact, you can use the momentum of your event to create new content, improve your business, and engage with your attendees.

Here are seven ways to ride the wave created by your social wall after your event:

Share Content with Attendees – As you work through the content from your event’s activity feed, you can collect popular posts and pictures. Periodically share the content you collect with your attendees on your social media page, through your email list, or through your event hashtag.

Utilize the Power of Video – According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, 53% of people want to see more video from marketers. Fortunately for you, your social walls can help you capture amazing moments of video from your event. Turn videos into shareable clips and use them to attract attendees, sponsors, and vendors. It’s ready-made content at your disposal.

Post Testimonials and Popular Comments – Few things are as powerful as social proof. When people hear about the popularity of your event from actual attendees, it means much more than hearing it from you. Social walls are great places to collect social proof and attendee testimonials about how amazing your event was. You can use this information to drive additional business opportunities and display the popularity of your event.

Follow Up on Intriguing Questions – During your event, it’s common for attendees to post questions on your activity feed about your business, sponsors, vendors, or speakers. These questions create a great opportunity to add value for your attendees and generate ongoing conversation. If you notice questions that came up during your event that required some follow up, reach out to your attendees after your event with updates and additional information.

Ask Additional Questions – Your attendees aren’t the only ones with questions. As you search through the content on your activity feed, you may have questions that you would like to ask your event app users. What content worked? What didn’t? Why was a particular event feature so popular? Ask your attendees for feedback and use the information they provide to improve your business and future events.

Keep Your Hashtag Going – When you follow up with your attendees, continue to use your hashtag so you can ride the momentum you created during your event. Don’t let a good hashtag go to waste. Use it for video posts, questions, testimonials, and updates on your social media accounts.

Run a Post-Event Contest – You used gamification and contests during your event using your Stova mobile event app. You can use the same concept to keep the interaction with attendees going and to create buzz for next year’s event. Incentivize attendees to share their experiences on their personal social media accounts and your event page using your hashtag. Your attendees will have the opportunity to win prizes for sharing information, while you generate more attention for your event and business.

Using an activity feed and social wall at your event can create opportunities for engagement during and after your event. Don’t waste the valuable content your attendees generate. Keep the party going long after your event has ended.

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