6 Ways Indoor Wayfinding Apps Can Revolutionize the Hospitality Industry

January 3, 2017

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Hotels, airports, conference centers, casinos, hospitals, and pretty much any large indoor venue all face a similar problem – indoor navigation. Stova’s AppAtlas provides custom indoor wayfinding apps and indoor navigation apps that help obliterate these attendee and guest concerns.

Indoor navigation apps and indoor wayfinding apps, while similar to the traditional GPS apps that everyone is used to – take indoor navigation to a completely new level. Indoor positioning apps utilize iBeacon technology – that results in custom, a turn by turn indoor navigation app within the hands any venue attendee or guest with access to a smartphone or smart device (i.e. tablets, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more), that can access data plans or the venue’s WiFi.

Indoor navigation apps, indoor wayfinding apps, and indoor mapping apps all are created with precise accuracy – both the indoor navigating app and the indoor mapping process. Every venue that utilizes the AppAtlas platform – including hotel wayfinding apps, hotel navigation apps, airport wayfinding apps, airport navigation apps, casino wayfinding apps, casino navigation apps, hospital wayfinding apps, hospital navigation apps (and the variety of other capable venues that can utilize AppAtlas) – is custom built by our procurement team. Your venue indoor mapping technician’s, production manager and the account manager will work with your venue to ensure that indoor mapping is optimized and precise- ensuring that any venue attendee or guest that visits your establishment will fall in love with the turn by turn indoor navigation app.

Arguably the most effective possibility is to speculate in an enclosed mapping platform, which provides you the most effective of each world – An indoor mapping SDK your development team will use to feature indoor mapping to your mobile app; seamless integration with a posh scheme of partners and technology; and also the ability to quickly deploy strong indoor wayfinding app solutions.

“Stova’s AppAtlas indoor wayfinding and navigation app was able to seamlessly integrate with our nearly 3,000 room hotel and convention center, providing pinpoint navigation and wayfinding through a white-labeled indoor mapping app for our hotel. Our guests rave about how much they love being able to easily navigate our hotel and convention center because of the AppAtlas’ indoor wayfinding app for hotels.

– Charles T. Binkley, CTO

An indoor mapping app solution provides developers and directors the flexibility to quickly deploy essential interactive wayfinding options, including:


Developers want the flexibility to incorporate options like 360° mapping rotation, center focusing on an area of interest, switch read between floors, show close streets and devising, and also the ability to vogue and shade maps to match your whole.


The ability to manage content and map knowledge, across multiple properties, through one interface. Thereby reducing the support and administration overhead related to managing and deploying an app across multiple properties.


Turn by turn navigation apps, also known as step by step indoor mapping apps or even blue dot pinpoint indoor direction apps give the ability to integrate geospatially correct maps with location-aware technologies, thereby giving venue guests and attendees the flexibility to find their position as a ‘blue dot’ on their mobile device, to arrange their route between the venue, and navigate to their destination mistreatment turn-by-turn navigation.


Proximity marketing utilizes SMS and iBeacon technology – generating custom push notifications to the venue guest, regardless if they are currently engaging within the app. Vendors, sponsors, and other venue providers can engage the venue guest throughout their visit to the hotel, airport, conference center or hospital. This targeted and location focused messaging provides a way to keep venue guests onsite, spread awareness of deals or promotions, and keep guests engaged.


Developers area unit in a position track was together looking to access external knowledge sources, giving venue guests and event attendees the flexibility to go looking by keyword and class. By enabling AppAtlas indoor mapping apps predictive search, venue guests are given suggestions supported historic search, advancing quickly the amount of time it takes to get from point a to point b.


Mobile apps aren’t simply powerful tools for increasing venue guest engagement; they also offer unique insight into guest behavior. AppAtlas’ indoor wayfinding app platform provides real-time reporting and analytics allowing venue employees to better understand the behaviors, desires, and needs of guests on site.

The combination of indoor mapping navigation objects and the indoor wayfinding mobile apps will assist venues in collecting this valuable knowledge on traffic patterns, app engagement, onsite vs. offsite timing, and more.

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