6 Event Technology Tools to Maximize Event Success

May 4, 2023

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Technology is vital to successful events. The latest solutions not only make events easier to plan, manage, and measure. They also help you engage attendees, gain customer insights, drive revenue, and more.

This article explains how to make the most of event technology in 2023. Read on for top tools and techniques to enhance events for attendees and stakeholders and maximize return on investment.

What Is Event Technology?

Event technology is any digital tool that helps you plan and manage in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. Examples include solutions for:

  • Venue sourcing
  • Event marketing
  • Registration
  • Onsite event management
  • Engagement
  • Networking
  • Sponsor management
  • Analytics and reporting

Why Event Technology Is a Big Deal

Skift Meetings, 2022, shows that 78% of event professionals are using more technology after the COVID-19 pandemic. And for a good reason.

Without event planning and management technology, processes are time-consuming. Quick, personalized follow-up becomes difficult. And capturing the correct data is next to impossible, meaning you cannot measure success. By contrast, modern technology lets you engage attendees and track your event. You gain valuable insights to streamline processes, delight audiences and achieve your goals.

How to Pick the Right Event Technology Service Provider

Event tech changes fast. With so many new tools on the market, finding the right fit can be challenging.

These five selection criteria below will help you choose a great platform that’s in tune with your requirements and the latest event technology trends.

1. Can the platform personalize the attendee experience?

According to a recent report by McKinsey & Company, 71 percent of consumers expect companies to provide personalized interactions. In addition, 76 percent get frustrated when they don’t receive them.

Tip: Choose a provider that lets participants customize their journey to lift attendee engagement and satisfaction.

2. Does the technology merge in-person and virtual formats seamlessly?

Today’s in-person events are enriched with digital features to maximize value. For instance:

  • Expand audience reach via live streaming and AI language translation tools.
  • Uplevel engagement through AI matchmaking, custom gamification, advanced video production software, and more.
  • Improve personalization by capturing more data with next-level mobile event apps, iBeacons, and digital badges.
  • Simplify the attendee experience with facial recognition check-in, chatbots, and wayfinding tools.

3. Does the platform boost efficiency and control costs?

Organizers working with smaller teams and shorter planning windows don’t have time to grapple with multiple solutions that don’t always work in sync.

All-in-one event management platforms ease the load. That’s why 70 percent of event professionals prefer them, according to a recent survey by Stova. These solutions help you deliver efficiently in every format. Plus, they cover the complete event lifecycle, from marketing and registration through engagement, ROI measurement, and reporting.

As a result, you enjoy flexible meeting planning technology that streamlines operations and reduces costs. No need to invest in lots of different tools. All the event tech you need is available in one place, ready to pull up in an instant.

4. Will the software blend seamlessly with your marketing stack?

Keep things simple and combine event technology with your organization’s customer relationship management and marketing automation systems. An integrated platform lets you migrate new event data with one click for swift, personalized follow-up.

5. Does the platform provide robust analytics and reporting?

Accessing real-time data and improving your event on the spot helps ensure success. Demonstrate ROI with a click of a button and gain insights to enhance your event program overall.

How Technology Enhances Attendee & Exhibitor Experiences

Build your tech stack to support the event audience, budget, and goals. Also, keep up with new event technology services and trends. To this end, here are six of our favorite tools for event success.

1. Safe, Speedy Check-in

Forget long lines and wait times; turn to self-service check-in kiosks instead.

Using Stova’s Fast Pass technology, for instance, attendees scan a unique QR code on their phones to check in and print their badges touch-free in seconds. Quick, contactless check-in also reduces crowds and limits exposure to contagious diseases.

2. Digital Badges that Do More

These tools not only make check-in a breeze. They also power session scanning, digital wallets, lead capture, access control, and more.

Smart badges act as fitness trackers for your event, too. When the attendee opts in, sensors monitor activity passively and provide a real-time picture of event performance.

Tip: Get live updates on foot traffic, session attendance, dwell time, engagement, and more. Then use this business intelligence to personalize the attendee journey and demonstrate value.

3. Modern Mobile Event Technology

Next-level event apps put everything attendees need to keep informed and engaged in the palm of their hands.

For starters, the technology brings like-minded people together through AI matchmaking. Let eventgoers get acquainted pre-event via videoconferencing and chat and arrange meetings onsite.

Second, an event app pumps up engagement through custom gamification, social feeds, photo booths, live polls, and more.

Third, don’t forget live streaming and on-demand session libraries. Mobile apps let attendees enjoy the event wherever they choose – on-property by the pool or remotely on the go. As such, they foster year-round engagement. Empower attendees to keep conversations going long after the last session ends.

Finally, mobile event technology promotes sustainability and reduces costs. Why waste resources on piles of printed maps, agendas, and collateral? Apps put all the essentials at attendees’ fingertips.

Lower paper/printing costs mean more money for other parts of your event. Better speakers or more experiential activations, perhaps.

4. Personalization with Machine Learning

Machine learning makes our personal lives more convenient and entertaining. Think of Netflix recommending TV shows based on those you’ve watched in the past. Or Alexa turning on lights in the evening before you get home.

Now, ML is transforming events. For example, by answering a few questions on an event registration form, an attendee can get networking recommendations based on other eventgoers’ profiles. They can also receive notifications about sessions that like-minded peers find helpful.

Tip: Give attendees tools to build out their agendas with relevant sessions and networking opportunities. You’ll make their lives easier and see attendee satisfaction rise.

5. Enhanced Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Deliver the qualified leads exhibitors crave. With Stova’s advanced Lead Retrieval App, for example, exhibitors can use the mobile app to:

  • Identify and connect with qualified leads
  • Upload new leads into their marketing systems
  • Analyze leads in real-time
  • Get a bird’s eye view of event performance so they can make improvements in an instant

Using an integrated communication suite, exhibitors can broadcast live audio easily and immediately send follow-up emails, texts, calendar invites, and files to new contacts.

Stova’s Lead Retrieval tool also tracks critical performance metrics, such as meetings scheduled, booths visited, dwell times, questions, comments, and downloads. Exhibitors gain deep insights into buyer preferences to customize follow-up and improve sales and marketing moving forward.

6. Tools that Simplify Trade Show Prep

Preparing for large trade shows and exhibitions takes event exhibitors a lot of time, which can present an obstacle to their investment in your events.

Wouldn’t it be great if event technology could make things easier while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks? Enter Stova’s Exhibitor Management, an all-in-one exhibitor and speaker management solution for large-scale events. Exhibitor Management powered by Stova combines tools for task management, training, and AI matchmaking through one easy interface.

Access the solution online or in-app while on the go. Tasks and reminders help event partners send essential info and approvals when you need it, so everything moves swiftly forward.

How Technology Reduces Data Security Concerns

Events generate a goldmine of data for cyber thieves, including contact, residential, and credit card details. This sensitive information gets shared with different people, like coworkers, exhibitors, and hotels. For many events, data also travels internationally across regions.

Partner with an event technology service provider that understands the threats and uses the following best practices to keep data secure.

  • Choose cloud-based event planning and management software to minimize data storage on devices.
  • Safeguard information with end-to-end Transport Layer Security encryption.
  • Use multifactor authentication and single sign-on.
  • Train staffers to recognize the most common attacks, such as phishing attempts and malware
  • Look for a provider with in-region data centers. For example, Stova has North America, EMEA, and APAC centers to strengthen security.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the right software increases attendee and exhibitor satisfaction and event ROI.

For more information, download our guide: “The 2023 Event Technology Selection Guide” today. You’ll find sure-fire tips and tools to skyrocket event success!

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