5 Event Tech Tools to Know

August 24, 2022

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Technology is one of the most important event planning tools you can use to execute engaging events. The latest event tech not only makes planning less stressful, but helps you to streamline your operations, improve your attendee experience, simplify post-event data analysis, and boost ROI for all stakeholders, including your sponsors and exhibitors.

Rather than trying out event tech tool on the market, it’s important to organize your tech stack based on your goals and priorities for your event. That said, there are certain event technologies no modern event planner should be without. Take note of these five best event planning tools to use right now.

1. ExpoPRO

Streamlining all communications with your exhibitors and speakers, made easy: That’s the benefit to using ExpoPRO, an all-in-one exhibitor and speaker management tool for large-scale tradeshows. This tool enables you to be more productive by automating tasks, content collection and approvals, all within one easy-to-use portal that works for on-site, hybrid and virtual exhibitions. Tasks and reminders within the portal empower your sponsors to be on time and send you the information you need, when you need it, so you can keep your event moving forward. You can assign and manage sponsorship tiers to different levels, as well as create new users and designate primary contacts for each company in minutes. ExpoPRO is one of the most innovative tools for event planning when it comes to managing many exhibitors and speakers at once.

2. Mobile Event Apps

You already know a mobile event app is one of the best event planning tools for on-site events, and apps are an ideal way to keep your virtual and in-person attendees engaged with each other for hybrid events, too. Leverage mobile event technology to give your audience event information, networking and navigation at their fingertips with features such as streamlined registration and check-in, personalized agendas, and an on-demand session library. A mobile event app also enables you to further engage your attendees through tools such as matchmaking and networking opportunities, social feeds, gamification elements like contests, meetup scheduling and audience response systems, through which they can share valuable live feedback during sessions. Don’t forget about the unique branding opportunities mobile event apps provide for your sponsors, too.

3. Safe Check-in and Badging

As the world returns to live events, contactless check-in is an event management tool you can use to simplify the check-in process and keep attendees safe from Covid-19 and other easily spreadable illnesses. Instead of staffed registration desks (and long lines), turn to check-in kiosks where attendees can scan QR codes on their phones to check-in and print their badges touch-free - or even register on-site. Depending on your audience and event objectives, you can customize your badges to be scanned via NFC or QR technology and incorporate custom branding for your event. Utilize scanned data to see live updates on attendee count, session attendance, contact tracing, and more.

4. AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning is when a piece of artificial intelligence uses data to imitate human behaviors. The idea is that, once the machine learns what you like - i.e., what time you usually get home, or what time you go to sleep - it can make your life much more entertaining and convenient (think of the Netflix algorithm for showing you TV shows you might like based on what you’ve already watched and enjoyed). Now, machine learning is transforming the way attendees experience events. For example, by answering a few questions and completing a profile, an event attendee can connect to like-minded individuals and exhibitors and be notified about sessions and topics that other attendees in their network also find helpful throughout an event. Not only does machine learning as an event management tool build out your attendee’s agenda, keep them entertained longer, and allow for more engagement touchpoints, but it makes your attendee’s life easier - a win-win for you and your audience because they’ll come back for more.

5. Stova

To solve all your event management and planning needs, say hello to Stova - an all-in-one software solution that can handle every aspect of event planning and management. The acquisition of event registration technology platform Stova in June has positioned Stova as the premier event platform for delivering innovative and impactful experiences through your entire event lifecycle. Whether you’re planning in-person, hybrid, or virtual events, or a combination of the three, this platform will help you to deliver best-in-class events of all types and sizes.

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