4 South Carolina Cities Ready to Host Events

April 3, 2017

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If event professionals are looking how to shag dance, sadly, Stova can’t help you. (We can help event professionals create meaningful experiences for their attendees with mobile event apps… just saying.)

However, for event professionals looking to host their next successful event in the great Palmetto state, these 4 locations are among the many cities that host great venues for events of all sizes -sand and waves not always included.

Charleston, South Carolina Events

Any city with a slogan as potent as ‘Everything You’ve Heard is True,’ must live up to it, and Charleston, South Carolina certainly does.

Charleston is South Carolina’s oldest and oft-argued most beautiful city in the state. Originally founded as Charles Town (not to be confused with the beautiful Charlestown, MD or Charles Town, WV), Charleston gained its famously ‘Southern Charm’ name in 1783.  History aside, for event and meeting planners looking to host an event where wide brimmed hats and bow ties come in pairs or near one of the nation’s most beautiful ocean spots – Charleston, South Carolina is perfect!

Discover these event venues in Charleston, SC:

North Charleston & American LaFrance Fire Museum | Woolfe Street Playhouse | Charleston Place

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Events

South Carolina’s bonafide coastal city, home to 2016’s World Series baseball champions Coastal Carolina University, event professionals find a hub of convention and meeting venues inside destination Myrtle Beach. Named after the Sweet Myrtle Tree (or what us ‘northerners’ refer to as the crape myrtle), Myrtle Beach is home to over 650 acres of public parks and recreation property, including nearly 50 public beaches.

Perhaps the greatest part about Myrtle Beach for any event professional planning an event is the low cost of rooms for attendees and ample space for heavily discounted prices during nontourist seasons.

Discover these event venues in Myrtle Beach, SC:

MB Convention Center | Palace Theatre | Winyah Indigo Hall

Greenville, South Carolina Events

Recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. by CNN Money, among many other worthy titles, event professionals can discover Greenville, South Carolina. Known as ‘Upstate’ or ‘UpCountry,’ Greenville is best recognized for the multitude of festivals held within the town’s downtown corridor, as well as being art and music friendly.

Greenville’s population and an economy are booming – and with that comes multiple fantastic venue opportunities for event professionals planning their next meeting or event.

Discover these event venues in Greenville, SC:

Kroc CenterUCG | Greenville Downtown AirportZen Greenville

Columbia, South Carolina

Home of South Carolina’s state capital and NCAA Women’s Basketball champs for 2017, event professionals can find their next event or meeting venue in Columbia. Known as ‘Cola’ to the town locals, event professionals can avoid the tears of letting her cry and instead hold hands with a city rich in art, history, culture, and ample venues for meetings, conferences, events and seminars of all sizes.

Whether event professionals want to coincide their next events with the famous Okra Strut Festival or are merely looking for a city as sweet as their tea, well bless your heart Columbia South Carolina is an excellent choice!

Discover these event venues in Columbia, SC:

Springdale House & Gardens | Columbia Museum of Art | Tapps Art Center

In Conclusion

South Carolina provides a multitude of unique, beautiful, and financially fiscal event venues ready to host your next event. Consider hosting your next event in the great Palmetto state, whether soaking up the sun on coastal cities Myrtle Beach and Charleston or breathing the fresh air and sweet personalities in Greenville and Columbia.

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