Event Badge Technology: 3 Ways to Create a Sustainable Event

April 22, 2019

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In honor of Earth Day, we’re thinking about how planners can go green at their events. With all the event technology available for meetings and events, planners can easily use tools such as event badge printing, to collect important attendee and event data, enhance the attendee experience, all while saving money and keeping your events sustainable.

Learn how event badge printing can drive attendee satisfaction and value at your events.

1. Live Badge Printing Registration

Goodbye are the days of pre-printing badges for your meetings and events. Instead, you can live print badges during attendee check-in.

Live-printing event badges can save trees and money by ensuring you don’t waste badges on no-shows or have to reprint badges for name changes. Attendees can also enter their information using self-service kiosks, ensuring there are no more misspelled or outdated event badges.

In addition, because live badge printing only takes seven seconds, you can manage more attendee check-ins per hour. With the addition of self-service kiosks, you can also reduce your registration staff by 50 percent saving you money.

If you’re really looking to keep your events green, ditch the plastic badge holders and use lanyards that are recycled. Or better, email attendees their badge and have them scan their smartwatch, smartphone or wearable, eliminating paper use altogether!

2. Increasing Attendee Satisfaction

Using badges with digital technology not only eliminate paper waste but also helps increase their satisfaction with your overall event.

For instance, with the NFC or RFID digitization of attendee’s badges, you can eliminate long check-in lines at registration. Some wearable badging technology can automatically check attendees in and out of events, so they don’t have to wait to be checked in or out of events.

In addition, digitized badges, like wearables, also provide attendees with the option to link their credit cards. By linking their payment method to their NFC badges, attendees can pay for anything at your event without opening their wallet or standing on line.

By decreasing wait time and eliminating long lines, attendees will be able to connect with others and enjoy everything your event has to over, which will surely increase their satisfaction with your overall event.

3. Exchange Information Digitally 

Instead of wasting paper by handing out business cards, you can add barcodes, QR codes, RFID, NFC, or Bluetooth technology to attendee badges. This addition will allow attendees to use their event badge to digitally collect and share information with other attendees.

Some event management software companies offer an integrated mobile app. Using the digitized badge and the mobile event app, attendees can record the connects they make and view the information on their mobile event app during or and after the event.

If you integrate your badge with RFID, NFC, or Bluetooth technology, you can also paperlessly track which sessions or booths attendee visit. This information is not only invaluable in understanding which sessions or booths were the most interesting to your attendees, but it also allows you to improve the traffic flow and session choices for your future events.

How do you go green at your events? Do you use event badging? 

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