Build Your 2024 Engagement Toolbox: Stova & Bizbash Webinar

Build Your 2024 Engagement Toolbox: Maximizing Attendee Engagement through Connection, a webinar hosted by Stova and Bizbash, takes a deep dive into the strategies and tools essential for building a robust engagement toolbox in 2024.

This comprehensive webinar equips participants with the insights, tools, and strategies needed to cultivate engaging event experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees no matter if you're hosting onsite, virtually, or hybrid.


Our Experts:

David Adler

  • Founder & Chairman of Bizbash

Madeleine Monaghan

  • Director of Global Training, Stova

Natasha Miller

  • Founder and CEO, Entire Productions

Erica Lalk

  • Senior Manager of Event Strategy, ITA Group


Whether you're a seasoned event professional or just starting your journey in the world of event management, Build Your 2024 Engagement Toolbox offers valuable insights applicable across diverse industries and event formats.


You're one step closer to maximizing event engagement!

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