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November 13, 2019

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A trade show is an event that is focused on bringing people in a particular industry together to share and discuss the latest and up and coming products or technology. Although trade shows are beneficial for exhibitors since they get to showcase their products to their target audience, it can be hard for companies to stand out when there are so many other booths with similar products.

To help you stand out amongst your competitors and attract your target audience, we’ve curated a list of the top 13 interactive trade show booth ideas to attract visitors.

Top 13 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

1. Product Demos

Creating interactive experiences that showcase your products is essential to distinguishing yourself amongst competitors and attracting attendees to your booth. You can host product demos on TV screens and iPads, or host mini demo sessions where groups of attendees can join and ask questions. By creating an experiential trade show booth by adding product demos, you can draw attendees and entice potential customers with your product.

2. Branded Photo Booth

One of the best trade show marketing ideas planners can incorporate into their booth design is a branded photo booth. Branded photo booths are a popular trade show add on, since they engage attendees by giving them the to pose with props and snap a photo they can share on social media, but also because photo booths provide a branding recognition opportunity for companies. By including your company’s name or logo somewhere on the photo, when attendees share their picture, your brand’s name or logo will be share with their audience and may drive interest to your website.

3. Virtual or Augmented Reality

If your budget permits, virtual and augmented reality are always a sure-fire way to engage and attract attendees to your booth. You can use this technology to host immersive product demos, watch past speakers, give attendees a virtual tour of your office or product warehouse, have attendees explore a virtual information booth, and so much more. Virtual and augmented reality are ideal for large-scale events since these technologies not only memorably engage your audience, but also allow you to provide attendees with a unique experience in a cost-efficient way.

4. Giant iPads

Adding anything huge in size to your trade show booth is an effective way to grab event attendees’ attention and draw them to your booth. Giant iPad tablets are a successful trade show display for presenting demos, surveys, photos, or other branded related content. Not only is the content on the giant tablet easier to see for attendees, but giant iPads also have an interest-grabbing effect because of their size.

5. Coffee Station

After waking up early, visiting dozens of booths, and sessions, trade show attendees are bound to need a cup of coffee. Treat and attract attendees to your booth by adding a DIY coffee station or a coffee barista (an Stova favorite) at your trade show booth. Offering coffee at your booth is not only a way to draw attendees, but it is also a marketing opportunity.

At past events, Stova has branded all aspects of the coffee giveaway by adding our logo to the coffee foam, branding the coffee sleeve, and branding the coffee cup.

6. Charging Station

If you’re looking for trade show booth ideas for small budgets that will still attract attendees, then this one is for you. Because attendees will be on their phones, tablets, or computers, simply incorporate a charging station into your trade show booth design to attract people to your booth. You can situate the charging station next to a product demo area, so while attendees are charging their devices they can list with or engage in the product demo. Adding a charging station to your trade show booth will invite attendees to engage with your booth and products longer.

7. Live Band

Engage and entertain attendees by adding live music to your trade show booth. Not only does a live band help your booth stand out, since people will hear the music from different areas of the trade show, but a live band also helps create an approachable atmosphere in your booth. Make sure your band and your booth staff work together to ensure that the band does not drown out the demos or other sessions staff are holding.

8. Photo Backdrop

One of the easiest ways to attract attendees to your booth is by providing a unique photo opportunity. Add unique backdrops, branded cutouts, and more, and encourage attendees to snap and share their photo on social media. Make sure you include your brand’s logo or name somewhere on the backdrop or cutout so if attendees share the image, you’ll brand will get the recognition.

9. Giant Branded Balloons

Help your booth stand out by ensuring attendees can see your booth from miles away by adding a giant balloon to your booth. Stova has used this idea in the past at events like IMEX Frankfurt. You can design your balloon to fit your company’s colors, include your company’s name, tagline, and more. Trade show attendees are sure to see your balloon and grow interested in your booth.

10. Branded Flooring

Because people are consistently looking down at their phones, why not brand the floor at and around your booth? You can project your brand’s name, logo, hashtag, or other related brand graphics onto the floor. To further engage attendees, you can make the floor interactive. At past events, Stova staff have seen companies engage attendees’ senses, particularly through lighting and sound. One of the most effective interactive floors we’ve seen used was an interactive piano floor at IMEX Frankfurt.

11. Miniature Golf

If you’re looking for fun trade show booth ideas, then this one is for you. Encourage interaction at your booth by including a miniature golf course. Stova incorporated miniature golf in our booths at past events and even designed the course in the shape of our logo. You can also add branding and signage throughout the course or on the flag that marks the hole so that if attendees take photos, your brand will be showcased. To incentivize the experience for attendees, you can reward people who score a hole is one with branded gear.

12. Appealing Aromas

Capture attendees’ attention by engaging their sense of smell at your next trade show. You can offer different food stations, like donut walls, branded cupcake, sundae bars, and popcorn. At past trade shows, Stova has followed this idea by offering cupcakes and cookies. We even branded our cupcakes and cookies with our logo, which helps increase brand recognition and buzz.

13. Giveaways

People always love free gifts. So why not offer promotional giveaways at your trade show booth? These giveaways can be anything from branded freebies to branded chargers to branded reusable water bottles.

To secure leads, you can be giveaways as leverage. If an attendee signs up for emails or takes a piece of collateral, you can reward them with a free giveaway.

What do you think of these 13 creative trade show booth ideas? Which one is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below!

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