10 Venues for Luxury Hybrid Events

May 12, 2022

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10 Venues for Luxury Hybrid Events

When the coronavirus pandemic caused social gatherings around the world to be shut down, event planners, like everyone else, had to get creative. At first, everything was virtual. But now, as normalcy creeps its way back, many events have taken on a completely new hybrid look. 

Hybrid events involve catering to an in-person audience and a virtual audience at the same time. This format allows event planners to host an event in person, which draws more revenue, while also gaining the attention of those still unwilling or unable to attend physically. 

This type of event will likely stick around for a long time. Now, it does not matter where an attendee is. If they have internet access, they can still attend your event from wherever they are in the world. Where to host a hybrid event can be tricky, but here are some luxury hybrid event locations that will give your attendees, both virtual and in-person, an incredible experience.

Worre Studios — Las Vegas

Worre Studios in Las Vegas is a 25,000 square foot facility designed for hybrid events of all kinds. They host live television broadcasts, concerts, shows, conferences, product launches and business meetings. 

The experience is completely immersive for both your in-person and virtual audience. Worre Studios boasts a stage-in-the-round that is a 360-degrees, 1.9mm 4k LED interactive screen system. This allows the presenter or host to interact with up to 250,000 virtual attendees and make them feel as if they are present in the room. 

You can customize the room based on how many of your attendees will be tuning in virtually. The LED walls are on a track system so you can make the space for a live audience bigger or smaller. 

If your virtual audience is tuning in from all over the world, Worre Studios also offers real-time language translation services to increase your reach.

George R. Brown Convention Center — Houston

The George R. Brown Convention Center has been operating on the east side of downtown Houston since 1987. The center recently launched a 5,250 square foot broadcast studio that can be used for live, virtual and hybrid meetings.

The space is set up to allow individual presenters from multiple locations to present simultaneously to a live audience at the convention center. They also accommodate live chat, polls and other interactive opportunities for the audience and presenters. 

Four Seasons Hotel — Silicon Valley

The Four Seasons Hotel has recognized the need for luxury event venues and works to create a customizable space for both virtual and hybrid events. Using 360-degree cameras and high-end sound-detection technology, they created boardrooms that allow you to work with colleagues virtually in a way that feels like you’re together in an office. They offer personalized consultations and guide you through the planning process to make sure you get reliable, turn-key solutions. 

AREA15 — Las Vegas

AREA15 in Las Vegas has 6,584 square feet of space for hosting a hybrid event, and the floor-to-ceiling projection mapping decreases the division between in-person and virtual attendees. This space holds a maximum of 400 people in-person if they are sitting and 900 if they are standing, and the screens allow you to have a large number of virtual attendees.

Walter E. Washington Convention Center — Washington D.C. 

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center creates a high-quality production area with 19,000 square feet of space, lighting, rigging and dynamic LED screens to create a quality audiovisual experience for hybrid events. The venue can accommodate 128 people in-person with a comfortable amount of room left over. The center wants to make a superior space for people to connect however they can in the nation’s capital.

Lavan 541 — New York City

Lavan 541 strives to create a unique event space for everything from business meetings and fashion shows to weddings and sweet 16 birthday parties. The space at its core is a white canvas ready for your creativity. They have a room with 270-degree projection mapping so you can take your hybrid event to the next level. You can host up to 350 in-person attendees.

Gotham Hall — New York City

In Midtown Manhattan, Gotham Hall brings an in-house production team to their hybrid event venue that will ensure you get the help you need. Gotham Hall emphasizes their attention to detail in the 9,000 square foot space so attendees, both in-person and virtual, and presenters are at ease and feel well taken care of during the event. 

New-York Historical Society — New York City

The New-York Historical Society provides a historical space with a vibrant theater. With a stage lit with LED lighting, audiovisual equipment and an LED screen, your in-person guests will be in for a unique experience, while your virtual guests won’t have to miss out. 

The New-York Historical Society was New York’s first museum and holds 400 years of history within its walls, making it the perfect place to host a film festival, exhibition or conference. 

Royal Lancaster — London

Across the world, the Royal Lancaster provides an incredible hybrid event venue in the heart of London, England. The Royal Lancaster’s SmartStudio is an immersive environment with a 360-degree experience and LED backdrop. The venue has 50 years of event experience and will provide an excellent space for your hybrid event.

Xbox Plaza — Los Angeles

The Xbox Plaza in Los Angeles provides a new twist on hybrid events and takes them outside. This is a great event space for red carpets, concerts or other outdoor events. The area can hold up to 5,000 people if you choose to close the street or can be made smaller for a more intimate event. The screens along the way allow your virtual guests to feel included in such a vibrant experience.

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