10 Tips to Help You Plan the Best Corporate Event Entertainment

July 25, 2019

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Event entertainment options are seemingly infinite. What is the best match for your event? To make the right choice, you need entertainment that coincides with your overall event goals, branding and logistics, including your venue and budget. Read on for corporate event entertainment ideas to help you choose the perfect entertainment and activities for your next event.

Getting Started


Begin with a group brainstorming session where all ideas are welcome. It’s a good idea to include your team and possibly colleagues from different departments, clients and business partners for an outside perspective. Open the meeting by reminding everyone of your event goals. Practice designing an engaging experience on a small scale by including treats and/or contests as part of the session! Take note of how it goes over.

Pre-Event Surveys

The best way to engage your audience is to find out what they want. The best way to understand what they want is to ask! Conduct  a pre-event survey about entertainment or include entertainment specific questions as part of a larger pre-event survey. For more tips on pre-event questions, check out our blog post with ideas.

Entertainment Ideas

Interactive Food and Beverage

Most likely, you already plan to include food and drink at your event. Consider a creative way to serve refreshments to engage your audience. This is also an easy way to stimulate conversation between attendees. Live cooking stations, branded desserts, customizable food truck goodies or a s’mores roasting station are all yummy and fun!

Escape rooms

Escape rooms are very popular right now, and for good reason. The experience takes people away from their screens and creates a unique, interactive activity which encourages teamwork, a shared goal and bonding. Jump on this trend and consider working with a partner to create a room that is specific to your event theme and brand.

Twist Reality

Experimenting with reality is becoming a part of the event planning scene. Augmented reality and virtual reality technology are still new and evolving but there are already fun ways to incorporate computer-generated content and environments into your event. Read more about Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality, how they differ and which may be right for you.

Wellness Activity

Onsite fitness classes, chair massages, a healthy smoothie station, climbing walls – they’re all great ways to stimulate your guests and promote healthy habits. These activities are super popular at the moment, and they help boost confidence and mental health, which will leave your guests feeling great.


Create friendly competition between attendees with a point or reward system for good measure. One of the most effective ways to gamify your event is to create a customized game through your event app. Scavenger hunts, photo contests, trivia or even digital slot machines can generate buzz and contribute to a fun and relaxed environment.


While the thought of hiring a hypnotist for your event may feel a little too unusual, we encourage you to do a bit of research. A professional, entertainment hypnotist knows how to read a crowd and work with them in a way so that everyone remains comfortable. Incorporating a bit of mystery and surprise while in a safe place is a sure way to keep your audience involved.

Caricature Artist

Caricatures are playful, funny and harmless. Hiring an artist could add the perfect touch to your event, offering a good laugh and a topic of conversation. Plus, each attendee will leave with a personalized party favor. You can talk to your artist about adding event theme or brand details to each piece of work!

Cooking or mixology class

Work with a chef to create recipes that are relevant to your event theme, goals or brand and then teach your guests how to make it. Not only does this create a hands-on environment but it’s a skill that your attendees can take with them. Recreating the treat for themselves or their loved ones back home will keep your event top of mind.

How can Stova Help?

Use these corporate event entertainment tips to help generate creative entertainment ideas during your brainstorming session. Remember that your entertainment choices should align with your budget (link to new budget post), brand, event theme and goals. To learn more about planning a memorable event, subscribe to the Stova blog. If you’re ready to talk directly to an expert about event tech or looking for creative corporate event ideas, contact us for a free demo.

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