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January 9, 2023

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The hit song “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” is originally from the 1964 popular musical, ‘Fiddler on the Roof‘ yet many recall more vividly the song from the 1993 comedy film, “Mrs. Doubtfire“, starring Robin Williams.  

“Matchmaker, Matchmaker,

Make me a match,

Find me a find, catch me a catch

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Look through your book,

And make me a perfect match.”

Fiddler on the Roof‘s story is about a poor Jewish milkman living in the Russian village of Anatevka, in 1905. However, sparing the details (after all, there’s a film version available so that one can experience the wonders of Fiddler on the Roof for themselves), what does a 1964 musical rendition of a plot in 1905 Russia have to do with event professionals and events as we know them in 2016? A lot. 

Event networking is a vital part of every attendee’s experience at events. Whether the event is entirely focused on building and leveraging networking opportunities for your event attendees, or networking is an additional ‘perk’ to attendees at your live event.

The Problem

Events are short. Time is limited. And the results and key takeaways that event attendees want from events are concrete. Engaging or networking with the wrong connection at an event not only wastes valuable time by being at the event, but it could also potentially prevent significant business development or growth opportunities.  

If event professionals and event planners know that it is invaluably important to make sure their event attendees are connecting, networking, and interacting with the right people at their events, how do eventprofs play matchmaker for events with hundreds or more attendees?

The Solution

1. Custom Gamification

Stova provides a truly custom approach to events. We recently shared how one of our clients was able to increase event engagement and attendee networking through gamification. This unique approach to attendee networking was an excellent utilization of gamification and Stova’s custom approach to every client’s app, that resulted in truly an engaging event, an engaging mobile app, and a networking experience that matched the right people together, thus eliminating wasted time.

2. Pre-Event Engagement

Stova’s event apps allow event attendees to create profiles, view agendas, message each other privately or on a public conversation wall, as well as a plethora of other event app features. These features that encourage engagement within the event app before the event, not only increase engagement on-site, it allows attendees to set appointments and tag other attendees or exhibitors that they are interested in meeting with on site.

With pre-event engagement, attendees can utilize time that they won’t necessarily have on-site, optimizing the time that they do have on-site. Additionally, it provides a way for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products, services, and offerings in advance – allowing attendees to know which they are most interested in learning from on site.

3. Custom Algorithm

Stova’s custom algorithm does the hard work for event professionals. Instead of spending hours going through your event attendees one by one, matching them with those best suited – Stova’s algorithm automatically does the work for you.The proprietary algorithm matches attendees together based on their title, affiliation, and purpose for being at the event.  


Matchmaking is not just for LinkedIn or Tinder. It is just one of the many expectations and desires of event and conference attendees. Whether you choose to encourage pre-event matchmaking or wait to promote matchmaking on site through gamification, matchmaking is an essential component of successful and highly engaging events.

Introducing matchmaking to your event increases awareness, networking, excitement and revenue potential for not only your event attendees but your sponsors as well.

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